The Allen County Veterans Memorial Foundation is an Ohio Not for Profit  501(c)(3) Charitable Organization operating under the laws of the state of Ohio and the rules of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.  The Foundation is in compliance with all laws regulating not for profit corporations. We welcome your scrutiny. Call the Ohio Attorney General if you wish to talk to someone outside of our organization about our compliance with Ohio law.

Compliance Examiner, Charitable Law Section
Ohio Attorney General
PHONE  (614) 466-3181
FAX  (877) 732-1137 

Refer to: Allen County Veterans Memorial Foundation, Ohio Charter 1758359


- No Compensation

No one on our staff is compensated in any form for their services. In addition, through their contributions, operating expenses are paid for without using any donor funds. Office equipment which is owned by staff members is also provided for our use at no charge to the Foundation.


Our all volunteer staff includes the Board of Directors and Advisory board.Two of our Board members are related, therefore we limit their votes in all matters to 1/2 vote each per voting limits of family members in our By-Laws.

Board of Directors (Trustees of the Corporation)
David E. Paxton, Sr - Founder - Retired Electrician, Electrical Controls Engineer, U.S. Navy Veteran President
Kathleen G. Paxton - CO- Founder: Wife of Founder,  Former Math Teacher- Lima Christian Academy, Former accountant - Howard Beeler & Co. Secretary
Burlin Sherrick - Doctor of Clinical Laboratory Science (DCLS), MBA, MLS(ASCP),SBB -   Director of laboratory services: Vice President
Marvin Foster - Senior Electrical Control Engineer - Schneider Electric Corporation Treasurer
David Pauff  - Quality/POCT Coordinator:  U.S. Army Veteran Trustee
Kevin Cox -   Township Trustee Trustee
Norm Capps - Retired:  Former Township Trustee,    U.S. Army Vietnam War Veteran Trustee

Advisory Board

Jim Blair, Attorney at Law, Lima, Ohio Legal Adviser
Mike Bowersock, Public Affairs Officer, Ohio National Guard, Columbus, Ohio Media Consultant
David E. Paxton, Jr. , Professional Graphic Artist,  Greenville, SC. Art Director



(As of January 2022, All operating expenses of the foundation are being paid for by the board of directors. This includes sponsor signs for our donors that are used at our public events, thus 100% of all donations go directly toward the mission to construct the memorial.) 


We budget 90% 100% of all income to the purpose of the Foundation, That is, to design, engineer and build the Allen County War Memorial and perpetuate the memory of those killed In Action for our country through various venues.

5% or less is budgeted for operational expenses and the remaining 5% is used for fundraising. The amounts for administrative and fundraising may be adjusted to accomplish our mission, but we will strive vigorously to maintain at least 90 % or more toward our main purpose.



We get a lot of compliments about the high quality of our art work and printed materials.

Must be expensive right? Well it's not, because all of our artwork for our web site and printed material is provided to us free of charge. While some of our art is created by other staff, all of the high quality art is created by our volunteer Art Director in Greenville,  S.C.  His expertise in graphic design has been used by such companies as Michelin Tire Co., B.F. Goodrich, B.S.N.F. Rail Way, Mack Truck and many others to promote their products. He is employed full time with leading advertising agency" FerebeLane" in Greenville, SC.

Printing cost have been kept low by seeking the most cost effective solution to meet our needs. One of our past board members, Jim Whited, is the owner of Whited Printing Co. He provides us with invaluable expertise and volunteer labor in his print shop to print, bind, cut, fold, perforate and and other services. All of this allows us have very high quality materials printed at a cost that does not reflect it's high quality.

In House Printing: We are blessed to have the use of 2 high quality printers, also provided by one of our board members. When it comes to a decision to print in house vs contracting print jobs we compare our cost per unit, capacity and capability. Small quantity print jobs are usually done in house if we have the capability, while large printing jobs for promoting the Foundation and its activities are usually done outside by professional print shops.

Among the companies that we hire for print services are FAST SIGNS Store 573 -Lima, OH, Quick as A Wink, and News Gazette, printing companies.