Our Privacy Policy is simple. We don't share any information you provide us.

 We do not know who you are unless you interact with us.

We do not collect and store any of your private information except that which you voluntarily enter when doing any of the following:

1.) Sending us a messsage through our contact form. Then only what you enter for the purpose of contacting us is temporarily kept. Once it is no longer needed it is discarded.

2.) Registering for our Golf Outing or other events you want to participate in.

3.) When you submit information about a veteran.

4.) Other information temporarily retrieved that does not identify you for anylytics to helps us configure our site and know how many visitors come here. That information includes:

              a.) The Public IP address you used to retrieve pages from our site. It is either an ip address provided by your ISP or a VPN. We cannot tell.

              b)  Your Browser and screen resolution.

              c) The location city of the ip adress used which is not necessarily the city in which you are at when you access our site. Often the city we see associated with your ip address is in another town or even a different county or state so it is often not very useful information.


 The non identifiable information we see looks like this below: We use Statcounter.com to collect this data and it is only available for 30 days.

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