Shop Local, Buy Local - Support your local small business.

You don't get the same high quality service when you don't shop local. Local businesses constantly give back to their community. They started giving back when they opened their business and hired local people. They continue to support the communities they are in by supporting their own employees. That is their first responsibility. We should not think about how a company "gives back" by how much they support local organizations. They really are giving back everyday they open their doors by providing service and paying their employees. Supporting other causes outside their own company is only possible if you support them.

Today we highlight a local business that has been supporting the Lima Area for a long time. Next time you need lawn and garden equipment, chainsaws and service- Consider 
IRONS LAWN MOWER REPAIR.  Your local Simplicity Dealer.  They have a wide variety of new and used equipment that will meet your needs. Putting our money where our mouth is? You Bet! The founders of the Foundation just bought a new lawn tractor from Irons.

LIMA, OH 45804