PFC William John Russell,Jr
Record NO: (593)
Rank / Rate
War of Service
Date of birth
Mar 24, 1949
Place of birth / home town
Family Members
Parents: William J. Sr. and Betty J. Russell
High School
Enlistment Date
Marine Corps
Service Number
Unit / Ship / duty Station
Golf Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division, 3rd Marine Amphibious Force
Date of Casuality
Nov 21, 1968
Cause of Death or Status
Place of Incident
Quang Nam, Provence Vietnam
Place of Burial or Memorial
Memorial Park Cemetery of Lima
P★ urple Heart, ★National Defense Service Medal, ★Vietnam Service Medal, ★ Vietnam Campaign Medal
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On D+1 of Operation MEADE RIVER the day began with a heavy air and artillery mission on the "Horseshoe" where the NVA had constructed elaborate fortifications and trench systems. The Marines attacked and tried to breach the NVA defenses meeting fierce enemy fire from a determined enemy who fought from mutually supporting bunkers and trenches. Spider and fighting holes had been placed in to enhance the enemy movement to and from protective cover, after failing to breach and having taken heavy casualty's Company G withdrew back to their line of departure leaving several of their dead behind. The battle would resume the next day until finally on November 23, with the majority of the enemy cleared, Company G was able to enter the "Horseshoe" area of the battle and recover all of their men who had been killed in action and had been listed as MIA during the initially attack. PFC Russell was one of the casualties; he was killed in action as a result of hostile rifle fire.