PVT John Gottfried
Record NO: (275)
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Date of Casuality
'Sep 28, 1898
Cause of Death or Status
Place of Incident
Camp Poland Knoxville, TN
Place of Burial or Memorial
Knoxville National
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Camp John S. Poland, Knoxville, TN (See Camp Bob Taylor at Knoxville and Camp Wilder) • Named after the Brig. General who was the first commanding officer of the second division of the First Corps. The August 13, 1898 Army and Navy Journal reported that Poland died August 8 at Asheville, North Carolina of fever contracted at Chickamauga. He is buried at Westerly, R.I. • This camp was established because of the overcrowding at Camp Thomas. General McKee and the second division of the First Corps moved from Camp Thomas to Camp Poland beginning about August 22, 1898. The new camp was named Camp Poland about August 21, 1898. The camp was abandoned in early January, 1899 except for the hospital at Turner Park, which stayed open until mid-February, 1899. • The regiments at Camp Poland began leaving as early as mid-September, 1898. By December, only two regiments were left in camp. The 6th Ohio left in late December on its way to Cuba. The 31st Mich. left January 9, 1899 for Savannah and uimately on to Cuba. • Part of the camp was located near the site of Camp Wilder. The front page of the August 30, 1898 Knoxville Sentinel has a map of the initial configuration of troops at Camp Poland. The division headquarters and first brigade were camped near the site of Camp Wilder. The third brigade was camped to the north at Lonsdale, northwest of the railroad shops, and the second brigade was camped just south of Lincoln Park, northwest of Broadway Street. The division hospital was at Turner Park, east of the second brigade’s camp. Turner Park was east of Broadway at about Cecil Avenue. The grandstand was used as a hospital building. The 4th Tenn. camp became a part of Camp Poland. The brigade camps were all within one to one and one-half miles of each other. Regiments moved to some other locations including Glenwood after the initial camps were established. • According to the August 20, 1898 Knoxville Sentinel, the first brigade camp was at the rear of the Brookside cotton mill and east of the site of Camp Wilder. • Ahough Knoxville city officials tried to have the division remain there, the army was reorganized in early October