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Fill out this form to sponsor a hole in our golf outing.

Please read all of the information in the form carefully so that we can provide you with what you want. We are very flexible and can honor most requests.  A full color sign will me made to recognize your support. Sign sizes vary based upon support level. Smallest size sign is 24" wide X 18" tall. For more information on sign sizes call or write the foundation. Contact information is available here on the web site.

Sample Images- For NON Business sponsor signs, unless you can provide a suitable vector image, we will select an image to use for your sign and submit it to you for approval before printing.

If you would like a sign made please indicate that in the field below. The sign does not have to identify you if you want to stay anonymous. We can have a sign made that honors someone for example. We will contact you before having the sign printed.

- WE DO NOT PROCESS PAYMENTS ON THIS SITE- After submitting your entry, you will be directed to our payment page where you will be presented with options for making your sponsorship payment. An e-mail confirmation will also be automatically sent confirming your submission.  You can reply to the automatic email and we will respond if necessary.  We will contact you within a few days after receiving your donation for confirmation. If you are having us make a sign, the image for the sign will be presented to you for approval before being made. You can send a check or use PayPal. You do not have to have a PayPal account to use their service.
Thank you!

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