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Last Update -JANUARY 5, 2023: This list of Allen County Military casualties is a continuing work. Our research includes vetting the original list and removing any that did not die while in service unless they died of wounds after discharge. We would like volunteers to help us with this research so we can include as much information as we can about every veteran we have on our list of Allen County, Ohio military casualties. Call us or contact us at   or use the contact form on this site if you would like to help.

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This is, our latest list of War Casualties from Allen County Ohio from all wars. Names we included in the list are those who had either enlisted or resided in Allen County at anytime prior to their death. We are sure the list is missing some names based upon that criteria. We are continually searching records and contacting families.


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The names with an asterisk (*) in front are names of veterans for which we do not have the date they died.
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No.Last NameFirst NameWarDate of LossBranchCause Of DeathFromCemeteryHigh School
1AckermanPhillipWWIIOct 25, 1944NavyDestroyer SunkLost at sea
2AdamsWilliamCivilNov 16, 1864Union Army 
3AdgateGouveer H.CivilOct 03, 1862Union ArmyKIA
4AdkinsRobert SGTWWIINov 16, 1943 LIMAWoodlawnCentral
5AlexanderTurner AberdeenWWIFeb 10, 1919ArmyDODLIMA
6AlguireClinton Leroy PVTWWIIJun 03, 1943ArmyDNBLIMAWoodlawnCentral
7AllemeierHilary Frederick 1LTKoreanMar 23, 1953ArmyKIADelphosSAINT JOHNS CATHOLIC CEMETERY, DELPHOS, OH
8AllenJames Q. PVTCivilJan 10, 1865DOWStones River National Cemetery
9AllenSamuel L.CivilJun 19, 1863KIA
10AmstutzJames H. PFCWWIIFeb 09, 1945ArmyKIABlufftonEmmanuel Cemetery Bluffton
11AndersonFrederick L.Korean1952Navy Fairmont Cemetery, Uniopolis
12AndersonEugeneWWIIMar 18, 1942Army Air CorpsDNBKewanee High SchoolPleasant View Cemetery Kewanee, IL
13AndersonJohnCivilNov 12, 1863KIAWoodland Union Van Wert
14AngevineRichard M. SSGTWWIIMar 09, 1944ArmyDNB POWLIMAManila American CemeterySouth High School
15ApostolHarry A.WWIOct 23, 1918ArmyDOWLIMAMeuse-Argonne
16ArmentroutDale M.WWISep 28, 1918KIALIMA
17ArmitageHiram F.CivilAug 18, 1864Union ArmyDODMarietta National Cemetery Cobb Cnty, Marrieta, GA
18ArmorJohn W. PVTCivilOct 04, 1862Union ArmyKIACorinth National Cemetery
19ArmstrongMartin CAPTCivilApr 06, 1862Union ArmyKIALIMAWoodlawn
20ArmstrongMichael David PVTVietnamSep 22, 1968Marine CorpsKIACridersvilleGethsemaniWapakoneta
21Arnold Carl LloydWWIIJul 07, 1945Navy Lost at sea
22ArtisJoseph William Ord PO3WWIIJul 26,1943Navy LIMACentral
23AugustJohn PVTCivilSep 09, 1864Union ArmyDOWMarietta National Cemetery Cobb Cnty, Marietta, GA
24AustinHenry J. SGTWWIIOct 03, 1944 Spencerville
25AustinWilliam R. S 2cWWIIOct 28, 1944DNBLIMA
26AyersCloren Dwyane PFCWWIIDec 11, 1944Army Air CorpsDOWLIMACarmen Cemetery GomerCentral
27BachlerWilliamWWIOct 03, 1918
28BagbyOliver S. PVTWWII1944ArmyDNBCedar Hill Cemetery Suitland, Prince George's County, Maryland
29BaileyDavid M.CivilAug 09, 1864KIAMarietta National Cemetery Cobb Cnty, Marietta, GA
30BaileyFrankWWIOct 16, 1918ArmyKIABeaverdam
31BaileyGeorgeCivilMay 08, 1863Union Army 
32BakerCharles O.WWIJan 26, 1918National GuardDODLIMA
33BaldwinLouis W. CPLWWIIJul 11, 1943 LIMA
35Ball John Walter PFCKoreanNov 30, 1950ArmyMIASpencervillenot recovered
36BarrJames A. PVTCivilAug 06, 1864KIAMarietta National Cemetery Cobb Cnty, Marietta, GA
37BarrJames P. LT COL.WWIINov, 1943MIALIMACentral
38BarrJesse L.WWIOct 13, 1918DODLIMA
39BartholdRandolph C. MajorWWIIApr 26, 1943KIAFt Worth, TexasWestminster, Westminster, Ohio
40BasingerRichard Louis CAPTVietnamMay 12, 1967Marine CorpsKIALima
41BaxterHiramCivilSep 19, 1864KIAWinchester National Cemetery, Winchester, VA
42BaxterSamuelCivilSep 19, 1864KIAWinchester National Cemetery, Winchester, VA
43BeamPaul W.WWIJun 03, 1918NavyDODOsborne Cemetery
44BeattyEugene EarlWWIOct 16, 1918DOWLaFayette
45BeckerWayne E. LTWWIIJan 16, 1943ArmyDNBSpencerville
46BeemerJohnCivilJan 04, 1863DOWStones River National Cemetery
47BeilerWilliam B.CivilJun 27, 1864KIA
48BelchJosiah A. PVTCivilFeb 06, 1865DODNashville National Cemetery
49BenderChristianCivilAug 30, 1864POW
50BennettJacobCivilFeb 06, 1865 
51BensonCharles Henry SSGTWWIIMay 06, 1945Air ForceDNBShawnee TWPManila American CemeteryShawnee class of 1935
52BerryArthur N.WWISep 12, 1918DODArlington National
53BiceHamiline A.CivilJul 18, 1863DOD
54BiceJacobCivilAug 04, 1862 
55BickelJohn RussellWWINov 26, 1918ArmyDODSt Matthews, Lima
56BiddingerEdward G. PVTCivilApr 01, 1864DODChattanooga Natl
57BidwellIsaacCivilJan 22, 1863Union ArmyDODWest minster? Allen CountyLexington National/ Westminster Salem
58BiedenbachIgnatius C. PVTWWIFeb 4, 1919ArmyDODLaFayetteChapel Hill Cemetery, Burkhart, Monroe County, OH
59BillingsCharles FranklinWWIOct 08, 1918ArmyDODHarrodHarrod Cemetery
60BinkleyRichard H.CivilMay 18, 1864DODFisher Cemetery, Jackson Twp
61BixelFred R.WWIApr 27, 1918ArmyDODBluffton
62BlackJesse Roswell SGTWWIISep 1944KIADelphos
63BlackstenJames R. PFCWWIIDec 01, 1942ArmyDNBLIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of Lima
64BlackstenWilliam G.WWIDec 02, 1918KIALIMA
65BlundenJack VernonWWIINov 12,1944NavyKIALaFayetteLaFayetteAllen East
66BodellDoitWWIOct 10, 1918DODHarrodFisher Cemetery, Jackson Twp
67BohnleinThomas C. PFCWWIIMay 29, 1943ArmyKIADelphosSt. John's Catholic, Delphos
68BorgerCharles D. Second LTWWIIDec 28, 1945 or 1943Army Air CorpsKIA Enemy AircraftWestminsterSalem, Westminster
69BotkinRay Elbin T.5WWIIOct 18, 1942ArmyDNBMcGuffeyPreston Cemetery Alger, Ohio
70BowermanSamuelWWIIApr 06, 1945NavyFODLIMA
71BowersockLowell F. T SGTWWIIApr 27, 1945Spencerville
72BowersElmer Lester PVTWWISep 28, 1918ArmyKIABeaverdamRockport Cem, Rockport,OH
73BowersockSteven Edward PFCVietnamMay 10, 1972ArmyKIA Helo CrashLIMAMemorial Park St Rt 309 LimaLima Senior
74BowsherGene E. PVTWWIIMay 13, 1945 or 1944ArmyFOD/KIAShawnee TWPCentral/ Shawnee class of 1943
75BowsherStanley Byron PVTKoreanAug 18, 1950ArmyMIA/KIALIMASt Matthews, LimaSouth High School
76BowyerDewey SGTWWIISep, 1944LIMA
77BowyerMoses MadisonCivilMar 08, 1864DODShockey Cemetery, Westminster, Ohio
78BoydFrederick L.CivilNov 07, 1862Union Army
79BoydFrederick S. PVTCivilNov 27, 1862DODNashville National Cemetery
80BracyWilbur J.WWINov 25, 1918DODBluffton
81BrackerDavid Eugene SP 4VietnamAug 19, 1966ArmyDOWDelphosSAINT JOHNS CATHOLIC CEMETERY, DELPHOS, OHDelphos St John's
82BrakesEarl T.4WWIIJan 25, 1943LIMACentral
83BranstitterCharles M.CivilMar 05, 1865 
84BredaPeter SSGTWWIIAug 23, 1944ArmyFODLIMAJefferson Barracks National Cemetery
85BreeseGriffithCivilOct 28, 1862 Shawnee Cemetery
86BreeseSamuel R. CAPTCivilSep 15, 1862KIAAnnapolis National Cemetery, MD
87BrennanRalph T. LTWWIISep 12, 1944ArmyKIALIMASt Rose
88BrennemanRichard Lyle PVTWWIIJan 17, 1944ArmyDNBElidaSalem Mennonite, Elida
89BrennemanRobert J.KoreanJan 18, 1954ArmyDOWLIMAGethsemaniLaFayette-Jackson
90Brochas/BrouchisJohnCivilDec 31, 1862Union Army KIAAllen CountyStones River National, Stones River TN
91BrockRichard S. LTWWIIMar 10, 1943ArmyDNBLIMA Harrod
92BrodbeckRobert H. PVTWWIIJul 21, 1944ArmyKIALIMASouth High School
94BrolierWilliamCivilSep 02, 1865DOD
95BrownJoseph W. PVTCivilNov 26, 1863DODCorinth National Cemetery
96BrownPaul C. LTWWIIJul 03, 1945KIALIMACentral
97BrownWalter L. PFCWWII 1944ArmyKIAPrairie Chapel Cemetery, Oakwood, Paulding Co.
98BrubakerJoseph H.WWIIApr 24, 1942MIALIMA
99BryanRichard Curtis ARM-3WWIIJun 18, 1945NavyKIALIMAHonolulu Memorial Lost at SeaDelphos Jefferson
100BryantDonald PVTWWIIApr 06, 1945ArmyKIA
101BucherAmosWWIFeb 10, 1919ArmyDNBBluffton
102BuckmasterCarl E. CPLWWIIMar 26, 1945ArmyKIAShawnee TWPSt Matthews, LimaShawnee class of 1943
103BumgardnerAbrahamCivilAug 25, 1862DNBShiloh National Military Park Tennesee
104Burden MilesWWIOct 04, 1918KIALIMA
105Burget Bartholomew F.CivilApr 23, 1865 
106BurkhartIra L. T SGTWWIIMar 10, 1944Bluffton
107Burkholder George E. PVTWWIISep 22, 1944ArmyKIABlufftonReformed Mennonite Cemetery, Bluffton
108Burkholder Harry B. T-4WWIIJul 23, 1944ArmyDNBLIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of Lima
109Burkholder Jason E.AfghanistanFeb 08, 2009DOW
110Butcher Lowell L.WWIJul 23, 1918ArmyKIALIMA
111Buti CharlesWWISep 29, 1918ArmyKIALIMA
112Callahan Thomas O.WWIJun 14, 1918NavyKIALost at sea
113Cameron James E. SSGTWWIIOct 03, 1944ArmyKIAManila American Cemetery
114CampbellHurst V. LTWWIOct 06, 1918DODGreenlawn Cemetery, Columbus, OH
115Campbell James TheodoreWWII May 17, 1946DNB
116Campbell Ronald G. PFCKoreanJul 15, 1952Marine CorpsDNBMemorial Park Cemetery of LimaSouth High School
117Campbell SamuelCivilMar 11, 1865DOD
118Campbell William G. PVTCivilMar 15, 1863DODCorinth National Cemetery
119Carey AndersonCivilOct 28, 1862 
120Carolus JacobCivilMay 31, 1864Union ArmyDOWChattanooga Natl
121CarolusCharles CPLWWIIJun 20, 1945Army Air CorpsKIS DNBLimaShawnee CemeterySouth High School
122CarseNathan B.AfghanistanFeb 08, 2011ArmyKIAHarrodAllen East class of 1997
123Cattell Merlin Lee PFCKoreanNov 28, 1950ArmyPOWSt Matthews, LimaSouth High School
124Chambers John F. SGTCivilNov 29, 1864KIANashville National Cemetery
125Champion Eli PVTCivilSep 12, 1863DODCorinth National Cemetery
126ChavousKing PVTWWIIAug 12,1944Army Air CorpsDNBLIMACentral
127Chipman Albert D.CivilJul 18, 1864DOD
128Crist Garry PVTWWIMar 22, 1918ArmyKIAHarrodPreston Cemetery Alger, Ohio
129Clapper Ira RayWWIOct 13, 1918DODLIMA
130Clark Lester Burdette Coxswain WWIIAug 09, 1942 Bluffton
131ClarkRaymond V. PFCWWIIApr 30, 1945ArmyKIAAuglaize Co.Elm Grove Cemetery, St. Marys
132Clawson HiramCivilMar 11, 1864DODKnoxville National
133Clawson Norman Jr. PFCWWIIJun 18, 1944Marine CorpsDOWDelphosWalnut Grove – Delphos
134Clayton John Newton CPLWWIOct 05, 1918ArmyKIA
135ClementsErnest Gerald PVTWWIOct 10, 1918Marine CorpsDOW
136Clippinger Samuel D.CivilAug 07, 1864KIAMarietta National Cemetery Cobb Cnty, Marietta, GA
137Close Joseph H. PVTCivilJun 12, 1862DODRockportRockport Cem, Rockport,OH
138Cochran George W.CivilOct 13, 1864DODLIMA
139Coddington Robert E. CPLWWIISep 22, 1944ArmyKIA
140Coffey Robert G. PFCWWIIJun 08, 1945ArmyDNBLIMALuxemburg Memorial Cemetery
141ColemanRalph Lowell PFCWWIIMay 7, 1945ArmyDOWNational Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific
142Collier Clarence F.WWIJul 27, 1918KIALIMA
143CollinsRobert J. PVTWWIIDec 04, 1944ArmyKIALIMA formerlyBellevue Cemetery, Huron County
144Conaway Arthur Bob LTWWIIOct 08, 1945ArmyDNBGethsemani Cemetery Lima, OHCentral
145Conrad Chester D. T SGTWWIIMay 07, 1945ArmyDNBLIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of LimaSouth High School
146Conway Samuel PVTCivilMay 26, 1864KIAMarietta National Cemetery Cobb Cnty, Marietta, GA
147Cook James S.CivilDec 16, 186481St Ohio Vol. Inf.DODOhioCave Hill Natl. Louisville, KY
148Coon Willliam Robert T-5WWIIMay 24, 1945ArmyDNBLIMAWoodlawn Cemetery, Lima
149Cordell Arthur P.CivilJul 06, 1864DOD
150CoreEdgar E. PFCWWIIMar 19, 1945Marine CorpsKIASpencerville
151Corrello Chester Lloyd PFC “Chuck”KoreanJul 30, 1951Marine CorpsKIALIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of LimaSouth High School
152Cottrell John F. SSGTWWIIDec 25, 1944ArmyKIALIMA
153Coulter Clyde ElmerWWINov 02, 1918ArmyKIALIMAAuglaize Cemetery
154Coulter George E. SGTWWIIJul 11,1944ArmyKIALIMANew Albany National Cemetery, New Albany, INCentral
155Counselor Benjamin F.CivilDec 01, 1864 
156Cowdon IsaacCivilDec 29, 1863KIA
157Crawfis Donald Edwin PVTWWIINov 18, 1942ArmyDNBColumbus GrovePandora
158Cremean James D.CivilJul 13, 1864DOWMarietta National Cemetery Cobb Cnty, Marietta, GA, Allentown Cemetery
159Criblez Robert M. PFCWWII 1946ArmyDNBHancock Co.Thompson Cemetery, Orange TwpBluffton
160Crider Harvey Allen Jr First LTWWIIApr 28, 1943ArmyDNBLIMASt Matthews, LimaCentral
161Crossley Thomas D. PVTCivilMay 09, 1864KIAChattanooga Natl
162CrumrineLeonard A. CPLWWIIDec 10, 1946Air ForceDNBAuglaize Cemetery
163Culver WilliamCivilJul 06, 1863 
164Curl Harold D. PFCWWIIFeb 19, 1945ArmyKIALIMA
165CusterClyde Richard PFCWWIISep 14,1944Marine CorpsKIALIMACairo cemeterySouth High School
166Custer Donald Leroy PVTWWIIJul 01, 1944ArmyDOWLIMACairo cemeterySouth High School
167Dahill Douglas Edward SSGTVietnamApr 17, 1969ArmyKIA MIALimaArlington NationalLima Senior
168DaileyWayne CPLWWIIApr 08, 1945Bluffton
169Dalton John A. Jr. PVTWWIIOct 14, 1944ArmyKIAMansfield Catholic Cemetery, Mansfield
170Daniels GeorgeCivilMay 07, 1862 
171Darling John A.CivilJun 09, 1864KIA
172Darling Thomas M.CivilJul 14, 1862DOW
173Davidson George W. PVTCivilDec 01, 1864POW/DODSalisbury National Cemetery
174Davidson Kenneth Jr. PFCWWIIJul 25, 1944Marine Corps Delphos
175Davis Corporal Abner R.WWIDec 11, 1918DODGomer Pike Run Cemetery Gomer
176DavisClarence E. ACM 1cWWIIMar 27, 1945MIALIMA
177Davis James D. T-5WWIIAug 09, 1944ArmyKIALIMABrittany American Cemetery St. James, FranceSt. Rose
178Davis JuliusWWIJan 30, 1918DOD LIMA
179Davis William H.CivilFeb 16, 1864 
180Dear Wilbur WrightWWIIJul 06, 1943MIALIMA
181DeedsMinard G. PFCWWIIJun 15, 1944Marine CorpsKIABlufftonPleasant View Cemetery Rawson
182DegarmoEdward E. Lt ComWWIIJun 03, 1945LIMACentral
183Dehart William P.CivilDec 16, 1864DOD
184Demetriov TreantafilosWWIOct 09, 1918 DODLIMA
185Dennis Gene Alton LTKoreanSep 28, 1952Air ForceMIA
186Depiazza Petro PVTWWI Sep 12, 1918ArmyKIASt Mihiel American Cemetery, Thiaucourt, France
187Depler AlbertWWI  
188DepplerAbrahamWWIJul 16, 1918Marine CorpsKIAAisne-Marne American Cemetery & Memorial,Belleau, Dept de l'Aisne, Picardie,France
189Dersham William PVTCivilMar 19, 1865KIARaleigh National Cemetery
190Desenberg Donald ArthurWWIIMay 28, 1945FODLIMA
191Dewine Robert Bruce SGTVietnamMay 14, 1971Army LIMASt Brigid Cemetery, Xenia, OH
192DickmanGeorge CPLWWIIDec 19, 1944MIADelphos
193DillehayEarl JrWWIIDec 21, 1944NavyDNBLIMACentral
194DimondJoseph G.WWIAug 29, 1919DOW – Chemical
195Ditto David M. SSGTWWIIApr 15, 1945ArmyDNBDelphosWalnut Grove – Delphos
196Dodds Roy F. SSGTWWIINov 15, 1944LIMA
197Downs FloydCivilJan 14, 1863Union ArmyDOW rcvd @ Corinth, MSJefferson Barracks National Cemetery
198Dudgeon Calvin Warren PVTWWIIJan 04, 1944ArmyDNBBlufftonMaple Grove Cemetery, Bluffton
199Dunlap Preston J.CivilAug 12, 1864 
200Eaken Fred PVTWWIMay 19, 1919DODLIMA
201Early Richard E. PFCWWIIMay 14, 1945ArmyKIALaFayetteLewis Grove Cemetery Bath TWPAllen East
202Eastman DanielCivilNov 13, 1863DOD / POWRichmond National Cemetery
203Edgecomb Lewis A. PVTCivilJul 21, 1864KIAMarietta National Cemetery Cobb Cnty, Marietta, GA
204Edmonds PeterCivilFeb 13, 1865 New Bern National Cemetery North Carolina
205Eichenlaub RayWWIIMay 17, 1943 LIMA
206ElwoodLewis N. SSGTWWIIFeb 10, 1944Army Air CorpsKIADesenberg, Jackson Twp, Allen Co.Ada
207Emig Charles E. PFCWWIIJul 09, 1944ArmyKIALIMANational Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific
208EutslerJohn Wesley CPLVietnamJan 31, 1969ArmyKIASpencerville, OH
209Fair Thomas JCivilMay 27, 1864DODChattanooga Natl
210Falter Clement M. First LTWWIINov 08, 1942ArmyKIADelphosSt Charles Center Cemetery, Carthagena, Mercer County
211Faulkner Silas W. CPLCivilJun 22, 1863KIAVicksburg National Cemetery
212Faze Gerald N. 1st LTWWIINov 13, 1944ArmyKIALIMAAltstaetter Cemetery Cairo, OHCentral
213Fenner John E. Jr.WWIMay 23, 1917DODLIMA
214Fett Merrill W. PFCWWIIApr 25 1944ArmyDNBJackson TownshipDesenberg, Jackson Twp, Allen Co.
215FiedlerWilliam F. LTWWIIJun 30, 1943Army Air CorpsDNBLIMANational Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Central
216Finlay Leonard E PFCKoreanAug 13, 1950ArmyKIADelphosSAINT JOHNS CATHOLIC CEMETERY, DELPHOS, OH
217Finn John Burke PFC “Jack”KoreanJul 10, 1952ArmyKIALIMAGethsemani
218Fiscarrelli SabastianoWWIOct 18, 1918DODLIMA
219Fisher Claude M. 1st LTWWIIApr 27, 1945Army Air CorpsMIALIMACentral
220Fisher John Theodore CPLKoreanJul 25, 1952Marine CorpsDOWLIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of LimaCentral
221Fisher JonathanMexicanAug 01, 1848 
222Fisher Robert Jr SSGTKoreanJul 24, 1952Marine CorpsDOWLIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of LimaCentral
223Fitzgerald Bernard F. PFCWWIIMay 01, 1945ArmyDOWLIMANational Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific St Gerard
225Fletcher Robert A. PFCWWIIJun 20, 1944ArmyDOWLIMACentral
226Fogle Robert MiltonCivilSep 04, 1864KIAMarietta National Cemetery Cobb Cnty, Marietta, GA
227Ford William G. CPLWWIIFeb 05, 1943ArmyKIALIMACentral
228Forgeson John T.CivilJan 01, 1864 
229Foster Donald Sylvester SSGTKoreanDec 05, 1950Marine CorpsMIA Body RecoveredLIMAFort Rosecrans National Cemetery
230Foust Howard Eugene T-4WWIIJan 26, 1946DNBMemorial Park Cemetery of Lima
231Foust Kenneth Edward CPLVietnamSep 05, 1969ArmyKIALIMAGethsemaniLCC
232FoustWilliam E. T.4WWIIArmyDNB
233Fowler Richard Raymond PVTWWIIAug 10, 1944ArmyKIA LIMABrittany American Cemetery
234FowlerRaymond PVTWWIIJun 06, 1944LIMA
235Fraley Albert O. MajorWWIIMay 07, 1943ArmyDNBWoodland Cemetery & Arboretum, Dayton
236Francis William R.WWIOct 19, 1918DOD
237Franklin Nathaniel G.CivilMay 14, 1862DODLIMAPerry Chapel Cemetery
238Frazier Daniel W.CivilAug 26, 1864POW
239Fredrick JohnCivilMay 10, 1865 
240French Walter R. SGTWWIIDec 07,1941KIADelphos
241Fries Val A. PVTWWII Nov 05, 1944 LIMA
242Frisca Gilbert P. PFCWWIIOct 11, 1944ArmyKIA
243Fryar Park H. SGTCivilJul 03, 1864DOWChattanooga Natl
244Frysinger Marvin PFCKoreanJul 12, 1950KIABuckland Cemetery
245Fullingham AlexanderCivilFeb 12, 1862DOD
246Fulmer Abraham CPLCivilOct 03, 1862KIACorinth National Cemetery
247Gaberdiel Harold R. CPLKoreanJun 29, 1952ArmyKIASpencervilleSpencerville Cemetery
248Gallagher James C. SGTWWIIJan 03, 1944Army Air CorpsDNBLIMAGethsemani Cemetery Lima, OHSt. Gerard
249Gallagher William PaulWWIJun 24, 1918ArmyKIALIMASt Rose
250Gallaspie Wilson B. PFCWWIIMay 27, 1945ArmyDNBWalnut Grove – Delphos
251Gallaway William H PFCWWIISep 23, 1944Marine Corps Shawnee TWPShawnee
252Gannon George H. PFCWWIIOct 06, 1944ArmyKIAJefferson Barracks National Cemetery
253Garrett Levi PVTCivilJul 28, 1864KIAMarietta National Cemetery Cobb Cnty, Marietta, GA
254Garrison Daniel Lee SKSNVietnamDec 26, 1966NavyDNBLIMAGethsemani Cemetery Lima, OhioLima Senior
255Garrison Howard B.WWIISep 28, 1944DNBLIMA
256Gary Kenneth R. Second LTWWIISep 17, 1943ArmyDNBDelphosWalnut Grove – DelphosDelphos Jefferson
257Gaskill Jacob PVTCivilMar 20, 1864DODKnoxville National
258Gates Orrin Francis PVTCivilMay 03, 1863DODStones River National Cemetery
259Gatton Albert G.CivilJan 13, 1863DODCorinth National Cemetery
260Gaugh Donald E. SGTWWIIAug 16, 1944Army Air CorpsKIALIMACentral
261GeigerDonald E. PFCWWIISep 30, 1944Marine Corps LIMACentral
262GeiseWillis J.WWISep 30, 1918KIALIMA
263GeorgeNicholas Jr. CPLKoreanOct 10, 1951ArmyKIALIMAGethsemani Cemetery, Spencerville Rd. Lima, OHSouth High School
265GerodLouis H. PVTCivilMay 11, 1864DODNashville National Cemetery
266GierhartHarold A. PVTWWIIFeb 21, 1944ArmyMIALIMASicily-Rome American Cemetery & Memorial wall/tabletBlume High School
267GilmoreWilliam R. PVTWWIIJun 06, 1944ArmyKIALIMANormandy American Cemetery and Memorial St. Rose/Central
268GoodwinIra C.WWIJul 29, 1918KIA
269Goonon JamesWWIDec 17, 1917NavyDNBLIMALost at sea
270Gordon Harry M.WWIJul 10, 1918DODLIMA
271Gossard David Eugene PFCVietnamSep 20, 1967ArmyDOWLIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of LimaLima Senior
272Gottfried John PVTSpanish'Sep 28, 1898ArmyDODLIMAKnoxville National
273GracelyLarry AllanVietnamJun 03, 1969NavyCollision At Sea – MIALIMALost at seaShawnee
274Graessle Carl Benjamin SGTWWINov 30, 1918DOWSpencerville
275GrahamJames L. PFCWWIIJan 09, 1945MIALIMA
276Gratz Homer Jr. 2nd LTWWIIJan 16, 1945MIABluffton
277Gray John MathiasWWIOct 17, 1918ArmyDODHarrodWestminster Salem
278Gray Roscoe CPLWWIJul 31, 1918ArmyKIA
279GriffithLeonard S. R.T.3cWWIIJul 30, 1945NavyMIALIMALost at sea
280Grimm James S. CPLWWIIOct 10, 1942ArmyDNB
281Gruber Kenneth Dole, FNWWIIMay 28, 1945NavyKIALost at sea
282Guthrie Thomas F. 2nd LTWWIIJan 21, 1945ArmyDNBSt Marys Cemetery, Wakeman, Huron Co.
283Guthrie William A.WWIFeb 25, 1919DODLIMA
284Hager Robert D. Jr. SGTWWIIJul 19, 1943ArmyDNBLIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of Lima
285Haines Robert H. CAPTWWII ArmyDNB
286Hale John Jr. PFCVietnamApr 13, 1969ArmyKIALaFayettePreston Cemetery Alger, OhioAllen East
287Hale Russell SSGTWWIIJul 12, 1944Army Air CorpsKIABody lost or destroyed
288Haley Paul E. PVTWWIIMar 02, 1945ArmyKIALIMAHenri Chapelle American Cemetery, BelgiumCentral
289Hall Jethro PVTCivilAug 29, 1864DOWMarietta National Cemetery Cobb Cnty, Marietta, GA
290Hall Philip R. PVTWWIINov 18, 1944ArmyKIADelphosWalnut Grove – Delphos
291Hall Hobart E. PVTWWIIJun 20, 1944ArmyDNBBlufftonPreston Cemetery Alger, Ohio
292Halleron William PVT WWIFeb 08, 1919ArmyDODLIMASuresnes American Cemetery, France
293Hamilton Robert PVTCivilMay 23, 1864DODChattanooga Natl
294Hanes Clarence E. CPLKoreanJul 31, 1952 Woodlawn Cemetery Shawnee
295Hanson Lewis A.CivilFeb 01, 1863 
296Hardesty Harvey R. PFCWWII Feb 27, 1945ArmyKIALIMAZachary Taylor National Cemetery
297Harrington HomerWWIOct 27, 1917KIA
298Harrod Franklin Dick 2nd LTWWIIDec 24, 1944ArmyKIALaFayetteWestminster Salem
299Harter Francis M.CivilSep 3, 1863DOD
300Harter JosephCivilApr 18, 1865 
301HartliebPaulWWIIMar 07, 1942Merchant MarinesFODDelphos
302Hartshorn ElmerCivilJul 12, 1864 
303Hastings R.W. M SGTWWIIApr 13, 1942 LIMA
304Hay Richard S. PFCWWIIJul 16, 1943ArmyKIALIMAWoodlawn Cemetery South High School
305Hayes George W. PFCWWIINov 26, 1943 ArmyDNBWoodlawn Cemetery
306Hazzard Louis Timothy PFCVietnamJan 09, 1968Marine CorpsKIA Explosive DeviceLimaMemorial Park St Rt 309Lima Senior
307Hefner EdwardWWIOct 10, 1918ArmyDODBethlehem, Jackson TWP,
308HefnerKlor Lt.WWIIDec 18, 1944ArmyKIAWaynesfieldBethlehem, Jackson TWP, Marker Only
310Henderson Samuel B.CivilJan 08, 1861 Perry Chapel Cemetery
311Henkle Errol Leo CPLWWIOct 15, 1918ArmyDOWHarrodNew Pleasant Hill, Roundhead
312HensleyHenderson PVTWWIIJun 20, 1944ArmyKIAPreston Cemetery Alger, Ohio
313Hill William A. CPLCivilJan 10, 1863DODStones River National Cemetery
314HippyFred C. Jr MajorWWIIAug 06, 1945LIMA
315Hipsher Samuel PVTCivilDec 25, 1861DODShannon Cemetery
316Hire Bryan JasperWWIApr 27, 1918ArmyDODLIMAWoodlawn
317HireslandHerbert E. PVTWWIOct 18, 1918ArmyDODLIMA
318Hite AbrahamCivilFeb 07, 1865 
319Hittle Roger E. PFCKoreanNov 26, 1950ArmyMIA/FOD
320Hoerth Edward A.SGTWWIIMar 31, 1945ArmyFOD
321Hofman WalterWWIIOct 25, 1944 LIMA
322Hollaway T.A.MexicanJan 20, 1847ArmyKIA
323HolmesJohn B. CPLWWIIJun 06, 1945LIMA
324HoltsclawHarold J. T. SGTWWIISep 18, 1943ArmyFODLIMA
325Hooker Charles Henry Pfc “Chick”KoreanSep 20, 1950ArmyKIALIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of LimaSouth High School
326Hooper IsaacCivilJan 17, 1864 
327HouserEarl A.WWIIMar 18, 1942Army Air CorpsDNB Pesotum, IL
328HouxLester,Jr. Lance CPLVietnamSep 10, 1967Marine CorpsKIALIMAPreston Cemetery Alger, OhioAlger
329Howard Myron E. SgtWWIIApr 17, 1945ArmyKIADelphosWalnut Grove – Delphos
330Hoy Raymond R. SGT WWIIJun 03, 1944ArmyKIALIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of LimaSouth High School
331Hoyt James Donald MM PO1WWIIJul 24, 1943 LIMA
332Huber Bernard W. PVTWWII ArmyDOW
333Hughes David M.CivilMay 24, 1864DOW
334Hughes Evan M.CivilApr 23, 1864DOD
335Hulinger JeremiahCivilSep 25, 1861 
336Hunt Arthur H. Jr. First LTWWIIJul 12, 1943ArmyDNBLIMAWoodlawnCentral
337Hunt Fremont G.WWI 1920 BeaverdamWoodland Cemetery
338Iiames Kenneth M. SGTWWIISep 09, 1944ArmyKIALIMANational Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific
339Imler AmosCivilJun 12, 1865Union ArmyDODCypress Hills National Cemetery Brooklin, NY
340Imler WilliamCivilMar 23, 1865Union ArmyDODNew Bern National Cemetery North Carolina
341Ireland Thomas Christian PVTWWIISep 20, 1943ArmyDNBLIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of Lima
342Irick John Furgison PVTCivilDec 31, 1863Union Army DOD
343Irvin JohnCivilJun 09, 1861 
344Irvin Glenn (Irvin Glenn Willard)WWIOct 11, 1918KIALIMA
345Jackson Paul William T.5WWIIJul 25, 1942ArmyDNBMemorial Park Cemetery of Lima
346JacksonWilliam PVTWWIIMay 21, 1942
347Jakutis JosephWWIAug 21, 1918DNBLIMA
348Jennings Charles E. SGTWWIIMar 06, 1944Air ForceKIAShawnee TWPIn EnglandShawnee class of 1942
349John JehuCivilJun 09, 1864
350John Don H.WWIOct 05, 1918DODLIMA
351JohnsonGrover I. PVTWWIISep 15, 1944MIALIMA
352Johnson JohnCivilOct 03, 1862
353Jones Edwin E.WWIOct 11, 1918DODLIMA
354Jones Evan Hugh Jr. SGTWWIIJan 16, 1943ArmyDNBElidaCanal Zone, Reburied in 1948 in Walnut GroveElida
355Jones John W.CivilJun 01, 1864
356Jones Kenneth Warren SGTWWIIFeb 05, 1943DNBElidaWalnut Grove – DelphosElida
357Jones Lewis T. T.SGTKoreanDec 30, 1951Air ForceDNBMemorial Park Cemetery of LimaTiffin
358Jones Rowland W.Civil'Sep 9, 1864
359Jones William G.CivilMar 05, 1864
360Judkins Benj'm F.CivilDec 01, 1864
361Judkins Franklin D.CivilDec 02, 1864
362Kassa – (Kasza) Charles FrankWWIIJun 08, 1944NavyKIA
Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial
363Kaufman Frank E. PFCKoreanOct 16, 1951ArmyKIAWaynesfieldMemorial Park Cemetery of Lima
364Kees William H.WWIMar 04, 1920DOD
365Keiffer Robert John S2WWIIOct 07, 1946NavyDNBNational Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific
366KeirnsWilliam PFCWWIISep 13, 1944Gomer
367Keith Charles Chester SGTWWINov 11, 1918DOWElidaAuglaize Cemetery
368Keith Richard H.CivilApr 07, 1865 
369Keller John Jr CPLWWIIApr 17, 1945ArmyKIA
370KennedyArmelWWIIMar 18, 1942DNBCarnegie Cemetery Carnegie Oklahoma
371Kennedy James W. SGTWWIINov 16, 1943ArmyKIALIMA
372Kennedy John Franklin PFCVietnamJun 16, 1968ArmyKIALIMAWoodlawn
373Kennell William H.CivilMay 19, 1864KIA
374Kerr Paul M. LTWWIIJul 26, 1944Army Air Corps KIA/FODWestminster SalemHarrod
375Kersetter C.R. (Kerstetter Charles)WWIOct 30, 1918KIA
376Kesler JosiahCivilJan 26, 1865 
377Kidd Anthony WaynePersianMar 01, 1991KIARockport Methodist Cemetery in Rockport, Ohio
378Kidd John W.CivilSep 02, 1864DOW
379Kimble Robert Joseph M.M.1/cWWIIMar 27, 1943Navy LIMACentral
380King Robert Lee SP4VietnamJun 25, 1969ArmyKIADelphosWalnut Grove – DelphosDelphos
381Kinkley Joseph J. SSGTWWIIJul 29, 1945Army Air CorpsKIALIMAHonolulu Memorial
382Kinsall AdamCivilAug 10, 1864 
383Kious GeorgeWWIIMay 08, 1945ArmyKIALIMA
384Kiser George S.WWINov 24, 1918DODLIMA
385Kizer Carl S.VietnamJun 19, 1968ArmyKIA Friendly FireGomer, Oh / Scranton, PaBeverly Natl. PA
386Kizer/ Kiser Robert E. PVTWWIIJul 20, 1944ArmyKIALIMA
387Klay Robert Eugene PFCWWIIApr 04, 1945ArmyDNBLIMAMaple Grove Cemetery
388KlettRoy Raymond PFCWWIIOct 28, 1944ArmyDOWLIMAEpinal American Cemetery, FranceCentral
389Kloeppel Paul E. LTWWIIFeb 26, 1944ArmyKIADelphosWalnut Grove – Delphos
390KnipeEdward SGTWWIIJul 11, 1943DNBLIMA
391Knettle WilliamCivilMay 14, 1864KIA
392Knipe Edward SGTWWIIJul 01, 1943ArmyDODLIMA
393KohliLyle B PVTWWIIJun 08, 1944ArmyKIABlufftonNormandy American Cemetery and Memorial
394Kolter Mark H. LTWWIIMay 30, 1944ArmyFODLIMACentral
395Kraft Clinton W. SSGTWWIIMay 13, 1944Army Air Corps Woodlawn Cemetery, Ada
396Kramer Bernard Matthew PVTWWIINov 26, 1943 ArmyKIALIMANorth African American Cemetery, Tunisia
397La Fortune Donald U. SGTWWIIDec 27, 1944ArmyDOWLIMA
398Laman Harold DewittWWIIDec 04, 1943NavyKIALIMALost at seaCentral
399Lamb Eli H. PvtWWIIJan 18, 1943ArmyKIACairoEast Cemetery, CairoCentral
400Lambert Clifford N.WWIApr 03, 1918ArmyDODLIMAUnion City Cemetery, IN
401Lammers William Joseph SP4VietnamJun 05, 1971ArmyDNBSpencervilleSpencerville Cemetery Spencerville
402LaudickGordon J. CPLWWIIOct 23, 1944ArmyKIADelphosSt Johns Catholic Cemetery
403Laudick Harold D.WWII  
404Lauf William F. PFCWWIIAug 02, 1943 Ft Jennings or DelphosSt. Joseph Cemetery, Ft. Jennings
405Lawson Louis Edward SGTWWIIMar 26, 1944ArmyKIALIMANational Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific St. Johns
406Leatherman Ober N. First LTWWIIApr 06, 1943Army Air CorpsKIALIMAArlington NationalCentral
407LeistLeroy E. SSGTWWIIFeb 04, 1944MIASpencerville
408Leonard Robert L. PVTWWIIOct 29, 1944ArmyKIALIMAFlorence American Cemetery, ItalyCentral
409Leppla John Arthur LTWWIIOct 26, 1942NavyKIALIMAArlington National Sec MD Site 41South High School
410Leslie JamesCivilNov 02, 1864DOD
411LeisPeter H.WWINov 05,1918DOWSpencerville
412Lewis James W.CivilMay 28, 1864DOW
413LightOscar PVTWWIISep 21, 1944KIALIMATruro Cemetery
414Lilley JosephCivilJun 04, 1865 
415Linninger David CivilDec 22, 1863DOD
416Lippincott Paul S.WWIJul 16, 1918ArmyKIALIMAOise-Aisne American Cemetery, France
417Lohr George Everett Sr. SSGTWWIIApr 26,1945ArmyDOWElidaWoodlawn
418LonesRichard CPLWWIIOct 06, 1945DNBLIMA
419Long CharlesMexicanJan 19, 1846
420Long Robert N WWIIMar 02, 1944DNBLIMA
421Long Rolland L. PFCWWIIJan 22, 1945ArmyKIALIMAWard Cemetery
422Longwell Robert Gale PFCWWIIDec 24, 1944ArmyKIANormandy American Cemetery and Memorial
423Love Emmet C. Jr. PVTWWIIJan 26, 1943ArmyKIAEmanuel Lutheran Cemetery, New Haven, IN
424Luchini Albert J. PFCWWIIFeb 19, 1945ArmyDNBLIMAGethsemani
425Lutterbeck Myron J. PFCWWIIJun 23, 1945ArmyKIALIMANew Albany National Cemetery, New Albany, IN
426MacDonnell Duncan R.WWIOct 16, 1918DOD
427MackeyLeroy Vincent PVTWWIOct 6, 1918ArmyKIALIMACalvary Catholic Cemetery, Fremont
428Mahoney Timothy J.WWIJun 25, 1918DNBLIMA
429Mumaugh James Morris PeaceJul 18, 1956DNBLIMACentral
430Mambourg Raymond H. SGTWWIIFeb 27, 1945Marine CorpsKIA MIAMonument at Fort William Mckinley, Manila
431Manship Harold W.WWISep 26, 1918KIA
432MarkerFranklin LeroyWWIIOct 24, 1944NavyKIABlume High School
433Martin Roy Blain PVTWWIIMay 16, 1943ArmyDNBLIMA
434Martin Willard L.WWIOct 11, 1918DOD
435Martz Silas H.CivilDec 13, 1864DOD
436Mason Leonard F. PFCWWIIJul 23, 1944Marine CorpsDOWLIMA
437Masterpole Joseph SGTWWINov 03, 1918ArmyKIALIMAWoodlawn
438Matthews Burt or BurlWWINov 26, 1918DOD
439Maus Donald Neuman Tech 5WWIIApr 01, 1944ArmyDNBLIMA
440MaxwellRobert 2nd LTWWIIJun 11, 1944LIMA
441MayhewDonald D. PFCWWIIJun 13, 1945KIA
442McBride BenjaminCivilJul 02, 1863DOD
443McBride Jack E.PFCWWIINov 18, 1944ArmyKIAElida/ DelphosAllentown Cemetery
444McBride Paul Allen PVTWWIIMay 21, 1945ArmyDNBElidaAllentown CemeteryElida
445McCarty Francis E. PVTWWIIApr 27, 1944ArmyKIALIMAManila American CemeteryCentral
446McCaslin Keith Vane SGTKoreanMay 21, 1951ArmyKIAShawnee TWPMemorial Park Cemetery of LimaShawnee
447McCluer Robert W.CivilNov 01, 1863 
448McCoyRobert R. PVTWWIIJun 6, 1944ArmyKIAGreen Lawn Cemetery, Columbus
449McCrateThomas A.SSGTWWIIJun 25, 1943ArmyKIA or DNBLima St Rose Class 1931North African American Cemetery, TunisiaSt. Rose
450McDonel Nile R. PVTWWIIMay 12, 1944ArmyKIADelphos or Elida
451McElroy Neil A. PFCWWIIAug 03, 1943KIALaFayette
452McGue Harvey L. PFCWWIIMar 02, 1945ArmyDOWColumbus GroveMemorial Park Cemetery of Lima
453McKee IsaacCivilFeb 06, 1865DOD
454McPheron Robert A.WWIIMar 29, 1945DOWLIMA
455McPherson SamuelCivilApr 20, 1862DOD
456McWhorter James William CPLKorean  
457MeanyJohn J. MajorWWIIMar 20, 1943formerly of LimaSt Rose
458Melton George D. CPLKoreanOct 24, 1952ArmyKIAMemorial Park Cemetery of Lima
459Merschman John William SP4VietnamMay 10, 1970ArmyKIADelphosWalnut Grove – DelphosDelphos Jefferson
460Metzger William E. Jr 2nd LTWWII Nov 09, 1944Army Air CorpsKIALIMAWoodlawnCentral
461Meyers Carl E. PVTWWIINov 24, 1944ArmyKIAFairmont Cemetery, Uniopolis
462MIller Albert F. PFCWWII Apr 15, 1945ArmyDNBLorraine American Cemetery & Memorial, Lorraine, France
463Miller AndrewCivilMar 06, 1863DOD
464Miller Bernard PFCWWIIFeb 05, 1945DNBLIMACentral
465Miller Charles W.CivilJul 29, 1864 
466Miller Doit Alpha First SGT WWIISep 28, 1943ArmyDNBLIMASt Matthews, LimaCentral
467Miller Donald E.WWIAug 05, 1919DODLIMA
468Miller Elmer M. SGTWWIIFeb 25, 1945ArmyKIADelphosHenri Chapelle American Cemetery, BelgiumSt Johns
469Miller Frieling H.CivilMay 14, 1864KIA
470Miller Gail Gene 2nd LTWWIINov 03, 1943ArmyFODLIMA
471MillerJacob JrWWINov 26, 1918DODLIMA
472Miller JosiahCivilOct 15, 1864DOW
473Miller Wayne F. PFCWWIIApr 10, 1945ArmyKIALIMAGreenlawn Cemetery,Elida
474Millerons Sherman LeroyWWII May 7, 1945 LIMA
475Mock Donald E.SSGTWWIIJul 26, 1943Army Air CorpsFODLIMASouth High School
476Mollenhour JohnCivilJun 24, 1862DOD
477MonaghanThomas James CPLKoreanJun 28, 1952Marine Corps DNBLIMAGethsemaniSt Johns
478Monroe Warren E. AV ORD 2-cWWIIAug 02, 1944 LIMA
479Montague Richard G. PFCWWIIFeb 07, 1945ArmyKIAShawnee Cemetery
480MontiethFalmouth LTWWIIMay 07, 1942MIALIMA
481Monts Wesley D. PFCWWIIAug 10, 1944KIA
482Moore Cloyce Wendell PVTWWIMar 02, 1917ArmyDNB
483MooreGuy H. CPLWWIArmyDODLaFayette
484Moore John R.CivilAug 01, 1861DOD
485Moorman Fred Fay PVTWWIJul 15, 1918ArmyKIALIMAPreston Cemetery Alger, Ohio
486Moorman ThomasCivilAug 08, 1863DOD
487Moorman William A.J.CivilApr 18, 1863DOD
488Morey WilliamCivilJun 8, 1864DOW
489Morgan David B.CivilMay 23, 1865DOW
490Morris A. ThomasKorean 1953KIA
491Morrisey Richard W. PVTKorean Jul 27,1950Army KIAElidaBlue Tick Cemetery, ElidaSouth High School
492Morton Worrick W.CivilMar 17, 1864DOD
493MoxCharlieWWIOct 09, 1918KIALIMA
494MuellerStephen Michael PFCVietnamJan 27, 1968ArmyKIAHuntsvilleMemorial Park Cemetery- Lima, OhioLCC
495MullenHenry B.WWIJun 28, 1919DOW – ChemicalLIMASt. Rose
496Munch PhilipCivilAug 21, 1864KIA
497Myers JoshuaCivilApr 16, 1863 
498Myers RandolphCivilFeb 07, 1865 
499Myers Samuel W.CivilSep 12, 1864 
500Myers William T.CivilFeb 04, 1864 
501NambourgRaymond H. SSGTWWIIMar, 1945 LIMA
502Naus Ralph R.WWINov 07, 1918DODLIMA
503Nave Joseph D. Second LTWWIIJun 04,1942Army Air CorpsKIALIMAburied at seaSouth High School
504Neal John L.CivilMay 09, 1864POW
505Neely GeorgeCivilMar 04, 1865ArmyKIA
506Neff Christian Monroe, SPCIraqSep 09, 2007ArmyDOWFt. ShawneeShawnee class of 2006
507Nehiser AmosCivilNov 19, 1862DOD
508Nesbitt Carl D. LTWWIIMay 29, 1944Army Air CorpsFODLIMACentral
509Newland Michael Dwaine PFCVietnamApr 09, 1968ArmyKIALIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of Lima
510NicholsGeorge CommanderWWIIJun 07, 1945LIMA
511Nichols Glenn H.WWISep 21, 1918KIA
512Nicoline John William “Bud” PFCWWIIJan 08, 1946ArmyDNBGethsemani
513NiemeshJoseph A. PFCWWIOct 5, 1918ArmyKIADelphosMeuse-Argonne American Cemetery, France
514Nock Harry Andrew LTWWIIJul 04, 1944Army Air CorpsFODBrittany American Cemetery
515NolanLewis G. PFCWWIISep 26, 1944LIMA
517Numbers Ernest L. PVTWWIINov 11, 1944 Cridersville
518Nunn PriceCivilMay 25, 1863DOD
519Nusbaum Willis PVTWWINov 10, 1918ArmyKIABluffton
520O'Neal JohnCivilAug 20, 1863DOD
521Osborn Jerry Wayne PFCVietnamApr 01, 1965Army Columbus Grove
522Osborn John S.WWIOct 09, 1918DODLIMA
523Ott FidillisCivilMar 02, 1863DOD
524Owen Paris V.CivilMay 24, 1864DOD
525Owens David R.CivilOct 03, 1863 
526Owens Otto C.WWII Nov 08, 1944 Bluffton
527Owens Thomas R.CivilDec 18, 1864DOWDelphos
528Paglow Marvin L. PFCWWIIApr 23, 1944ArmyDOWLIMA
529Parker JeremiahCivilMay 10, 1864 
530Parrott Elmer H. CPLWWIJul 29, 1918ArmyKIASpencerville
531Parrish WilliamCivilMar 09, 1863DOD
532Parry Moses J.CivilJun 09, 1864DOW
533Patrick Mariner PFCVietnamNov 12, 1965ArmyKIALIMAWoodlawn Cemetery Perry
534Patterson Wallace Irwin Jr. PFCKoreanNov 27, 1950Marine Corps MIALIMAnot recoveredSouth High School
535Patton Raymond V. CPLWWISep 30, 1918ArmyKIADelphosMeuse-Argonne
536Peltier John Arthur E.M.WWIIDec 07, 1941NavyKIADelphosDelphos
537Pence Charles Garfield PFCKoreanFeb 13, 1951ArmyKIALIMAElm Grove Cemetery, St. MarysPerry
538PeppleHarry E. WOWWIIDec 12, 1944LIMASouth High School
539PerryJames M. SGTWWIIApr 11, 1944Army Air CorpsKIAWoodland Union Cemetery, Van WertVan Wert
540PetersWilliam Lee Jr LTVietnamJun 26, 1969Marine CorpsKIA
541Phalen James R. SGTWWIINov 02, 1943Marine CorpsKIALIMASt. Johns
542Pintor Dennis L. CAPTIraqOct 12, 2004ArmyKIALIMALCC
543Plate George Herbert PVTWWIIAug 19, 1944 Central
544Plate Herbert J.WWII  
545Pohlman Donald John PFCKoreanSep 15, 1951ArmyKIANew Albany National Cemetery, New Albany, IN
546PolingDavid Eugene PFCKoreanJul 25, 1950ArmyKIALIMARockport Methodist Cem, Rockport,OH
547Point David O.WWIOct 21, 1918DODLIMA
548Porter Frank I. PVTWWIIDec 18, 1944ArmyKIALIMAHenri Chapelle American Cemetery, BelgiumCentral
549Powers Donald Richard WWIIDec 16, 1944NavyMIAMonument at Fort William Mckinley, Manila
550PriceGerald A.WWIIMay 24, 1945NavyFODElidaElida
551Pummell Benny L. PFCKoreanMay 20, 1951ArmyDOWLIMAFletcher Cemetery
552Rabley Lloyd S. PFCWWIIAug 11, 1944ArmyDOWLIMASpencerville Cemetery
553Radabaugh WilliamCivilJun 05, 1864POWElida
554Rader Benjamin Neale CAPTKoreanOct 20, 1950Air ForceMIALIMAnot recovered
555Rahrig Melvin H. PFCWWIIDec 25, 1944ArmyKIALandeckHenri Chapelle American Cemetery, Belgium
556Rankins WilliamCivilOct 03, 1862DOD
557Rayburn Donald E. PVTWWIIOct 01, 1944ArmyKIALIMAShawnee CemeterySouth High School
558Reed Ottis E.WWINov 11, 1918DODBellefontaine City Cemetery
559Reed Walter F. PVTWWINov 04, 1918ArmyKIALIMABellefontaine City Cemetery
560Reese AaronIraqDec 10, 2003KIA
561Reese Humphrey TudorWWIOct 03, 1918DODLIMA
562Reese Richard T. PFCKoreanAug 10, 1950ArmyPOWLIMASugar Creek Cemetery
563Rentz Edward PVTWWINov 02, 1918ArmyDODLIMA
564Reynolds Harry J SGTWWISep 18, 1918KIASpencerville
565ReynoldsJustin AllenIraqSept 14, 2019Marine CorpsDOWLimaWoodlawnElida
566Reynolds Pritchard G.WWIJul 15, 1918KIALIMA
567Rhodes/Rhoades Cecil A.WWIIApr 09, 1942KIA LIMALost at seaCentral
568RhoadesHarold C. T.4WWIIFeb 10, 1945ArmyKIALIMAManila American CemeteryCentral
569Price GeraldWWIIMay 04, 1945NavyKIAElidaLost at sea
570Rice Loren H. SGTWWIIApr 05, 1945 ArmyKIADelphosWalnut Grove – Delphos
571Ricker Harry A. PFCKoreanDec 12, 1950ArmyMIAKalidanot recovered
572Ridenour - Cpl. IsaacCivilJan 16, 1865 Lutheran, Elida- Defunct
573Ridenour JacobCivilFeb 05, 1865 
574Ridgeway Kenneth R.WWIIMay 25, 1945MIALIMA
575Robey Richard Neal Spec 4VietnamJul 04, 1967ArmyDOWSpencervilleSpencervilleSpencerville
576Rockhill Alfred L.CivilNov 20, 1863 
577Roessler David S. PVTKoreanJul 20, 1950ArmyKIALIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of LimaSouth High School
578Roth Robert ArthurWWIIJun 08, 1944NavyFODCairoLost at seaCentral
579Rousculp WinfieldKoreanMay 04, 1953DNB
580Ruebush Clyde A PFCWWIIJul 26, 1944 LIMA
581Rumbaugh BartonCivilNov 17, 1864 
582Rupert GeorgeCivilMar 16, 1865 
583Rusnock Lessie R.Korean  
584Russell William John Jr. PFCVietnamNov 21, 1968Marine CorpsKIALIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of LimaLCC
585Rutledge George H. PVTWWIJul 28, 1918ArmyKIALIMAWoodlawn Cemetery , Ada
586Sakemiller Andrew R.CivilJul 24, 1864DOW
587Sanders Alfred F. SGTWWIIJan 04, 1944ArmyDNBLIMACentral
588SandersDean Stanley MMCWWIIDec 7,1941NavyKIALIMANational Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific on Sep 9, 2018Central
589SargentMacjilton 2nd LTWWIIMar 15, 1943Army Air CorpsFODLIMA
590SaundersEdwards H.WWIIMar 18, 1942Army Air CorpsDNBLake Village, AR
591Schaaf Howard A.KoreanNov 11, 1956Navy Bluelick Cemetery
592Schimmoeller Melvin E. PFCWWIIOct 15, 1944ArmyKIASpencerville
593*Schlege Edward L.WWII  
594Schlegel Edward LeoNon War OpsMay 04, 1954NavyPlane CrashLost at sea
595Schmersal Leo Christ PVTWWINov 01, 1918ArmyKIALIMAGethsemaniSt. Rose
596Schmidt JacobWWI  
597SchmiesingClifford J. MajorWWIIJan 23, 1944LIMA formerlySt. Rose
598SchneiderJohn J. LTWWIIJul 13, 1944KIALIMA formerlyToledo Whitmer
599Schoolcraft Jon Michael SGTIraqJan 18, 2008ArmyDOWBucklandWapak/ Apollo
600Schoonover Edward J.WWIOct 10, 1918DODLIMA
601Schramm Alfred J.WWIFeb 17, 1919ArmyDODDelphosWestside Cemetery, Delphos
602Schrock James W. PVTWWIIApr 12, 1944ArmyDNBLIMASicily-Rome American Cemetery & Memorial St. Gerard
603Schulte Ralph SSGTWWIISep 24, 1943ArmyFODBluffton
604ScottJames S. PFCWWIIApr 12, 1944ArmyKIALIMASicily-Rome American Cemetery & Memorial
605Scuschultz Frederick J.Korean  
606SellersRobert E.WWIINov 10, 1942Lost at Sea
607SettlemireAlonzo R. PFCWWII1942NavyLost at sea S. PacificShawnee TWPSt. Matthew CemeteryShawnee class of 1940
608Shafer James Dudley SGT E-5VietnamNov 06, 1967ArmyKIALIMAAllentown CemeteryElida
609Shanahan Alfred R. PVTWWIIJan 29, 1944Army KIALIMASicily-Rome American Cemetery & Memorial St. Gerard
611Shaner William M.WWII  
612Shaner William H. PVTWWIIOct 01, 1944ArmyKIAEpinal American Cemetery, France
613Shanks Joseph F.CivilMay 14, 1864KIA
614Shaw Clyde Donald S 1/cWWIIDec 07 1941NavyKIA USS ArizonaShawnee TWPCentral/ Shawnee class of 1940
615Shaw Jackson M. C.CivilFeb 25, 1864 
616Shaw Jeffrey Michael SGTVietnamOct 24, 1970ArmyDOWShawnee TWPMemorial Park Cemetery of LimaShawnee
617Shaw Leroy MiltonWWIIMar 05, 1945DNBWestminster-Salem Cemetery
618Shearer JohnCivilMay 14, 1864KIA
619Sheeter William A. PVTWWISep 18, 1918ArmyKIA
620Shellenbarger WilliamCivilMar 15, 1863DOD
621ShepherdGordon LCPLVietnamMar 17, 1966Marine CorpsKIACridersvilleMcDonald Fairview Cemetery, Jumbo, Hardin CoHarrod
622ShepherdRichard Harold PVTWWIIJul 19, 1941ArmyDNBSpencervilleMemorial Park Cemetery of Lima
623Sherman Wm.CivilDec 20, 1861DOD
624Sherry James E. Jr PVTCivilAug 05 ,1862KIACorinth National Cemetery
625Sheuman JacobCivilDec 18, 1863DOD
626Shingledecker Armon D. CAPTVietnamMay 31, 1966Air ForceFODLIMAArlington National Cemetery – memorial plot Lima Senior
627ShippW. RaymondWWIIFeb 17, 1945ArmyGrove Cemetery, Kenton
628Shively SamuelCivilFeb 28, 1863DOD measlesVicksburg National CemeteryLCC
629Shock Samuel G.CivilMar 12, 1863DOD
630Shockey Abraham B.CivilApr 09, 1864 
631Shoemaker Chester C. SGTWWIIJan 17, 1943ArmyDNBLIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of LimaCentral
632ShoemakerRaymond Albert SGTVietnamNov 06, 1969ArmyDNBLIMAMaple Grove CemeteryLCC
633Shope Nile J. PVTWWIINov 19, 1944ArmyKIALIMANew Albany National Cemetery, New Albany, INCentral
634Shrider Charles W. SFCKoreanOct 1,1951DNBDesenberg, Jackson Twp, Allen Co.
635Shrider WilliamCivilMay 01, 1862 
636Seibold PearlWWISep 20, 1918KIALIMA
637Sims Robert 2nd LTWWIIMay 18, 1945Army Air CorpsKIALIMACentral
638Sites Richard P.Non War OpsApr 26, 1952NavyLost at SeaLIMA
639Skinner Col. Owen GeorgeVietnamDec 12, 1970Air ForceMIALIMASouth High School
640Smith Edwin C. PVTWWIFeb 09, 1919ArmyDODDelphosSt Mihiel American Cemetery, Thiaucourt, France
641Smith George H. T-5WWIIMay 4 1942ArmyDNBLIMAManila American CemeteryCentral
642Smith James K.CivilJun 18, 1864DOW
643Smith William Richard SSGTWWIIMay 27, 1943ArmyKIALIMACentral
644Snider JosiahCivilNov 19, 1862 
645Snyder WilliamCivilJun 21, 1862DOD
646Sonntag Charles H. PVTWWIOct 09, 1918ArmyKIALIMA
647SouthLloyd PFCWWIIDec 04, 1944DOWLIMACridersville
648Sowers GeorgeCivilApr 09, 1863 
649Spangler LeviCivilNov 07, 1861DOD
650Spriggs Isaac B.Civil'Sep 09, 1864DOW
651StemenHalleck M.WWISep 30, 1918KIAElida
652Stanford John F.CivilMar 19, 1865 
653Starner WilliamCivilSep 23, 1864 
654Staup Richard P. SGTWWIIAug 28, 1943ArmyDNBLIMASpencervilleCentral
655Stemen Daniel F.CivilFeb 15, 1863DOD
656Stemen John B.CivilJan 10, 1865 
657Stevenson Jesse L.CivilFeb 20, 1863 
658StocklenCharles E. CPLKoreanJul 12, 1951ArmyKIAVan WertWalnut Grove – Delphos
659StocklinCurtis Robert SP4VietnamJan 10, 1969ArmyDOWDelphosWalnut Grove – Delphos
660StocktonThomas M.CivilOct 01, 1862DOW
661StouteAlex WilsonWWIIJun 10, 1944Piqua
662StoverDaniel L.WWIApr 24, 1918DODLIMA
663StrattonClifford AndrewWWIIJan 07, 1946NavyMIAMonument at Fort William Mckinley, Manila
664StrauchEr John PVTWWIJul 07, 1918ArmyDODBlufftonOise-Aisne American Cemetery, France
665StrubleOtis D. SGTWWIIDec 29, 1944 Columbus Grove
666StudenkaFrank Jr PFCWWIIJun 09, 1944DOWDelphosReburial in St. Mary's Cemetery
667StuckeyHarveyCivilAug 01, 1864 
668SunderlandHenryCivilJul 04, 1864 
669SwackWalter E.WWISep 30, 1918KIALIMA
670SwainSampsonCivilAug 03, 1864ArmyDODMarietta National Cemetery Cobb Cnty, Marrieta, GA
671Swink Ferrell R.WWIOct 05, 1918DOD
672Swisher Stephen A.CivilFeb 06, 1865 
673TablerJohn W.CivilMay 25, 1862 Shiloh National Military Park Tennesee
674Tabler John GaylWWIOct 14, 1918ArmyDODLIMAWestminster Cemetery
675Tackett Wilbur T. PVTKoreanDec 06, 1950ArmyMIAAlgernot recovered
676TannehillCharles E. PFCWWIIApr 30, 1945LIMA
677TataAmbrozio B. SSGTWWIIDec 20, 1944MIALIMA
678TaylorCapt. Edmund Battelle, Jr VietnamMay 08, 1972NavyDNB AccidentLIMALost at sea – Tonkin Gulf
679TaylorEdward CPLWWIIApr 07, 1945ArmyKIALIMA
680TaylorGeorge A.CivilMay 16, 1864 
681TaylorLeonard E. PFCKoreanAug 31, 1950ArmyKIALIMAGethsemaniSt Johns
682Teegardin AbrahamCivilMay 14, 1864KIA
683Teegner EdwardCivilFeb 05, 1863 
684Thomas Donald E. PFCWWIIMar 05, 1945Marine CorpsKIALIMA
685Thomas Harry W. PVTWWIIDec 04, 1944ArmyKIALIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of Lima
686ThomasJerry Lynn SP4VietnamJun 07, 1971ArmyKIA rifle fireLima, Oh / LaFayette, OhMemorial Park, Lima, OhAllen East
687ThomasMorris R. PFCKoreanMar 24, 1953ArmyKIALIMAShawnee Cemetery
688ThompsonClifford E. S 1cWWIISep 15, 1944DNBLIMALost at sea – Atlantic
689Thompson GeorgeWWIMar 03, 1920DODLIMA
690Thompson Jim Allen SGTVietnamMay 09, 1969ArmyDOWLIMAAllentown CemeteryLima Senior
691Thompson Richard O PFCWWIIJul 14, 1944ArmyKIALIMANew Albany National Cemetery, New Albany, INSouth High School
692Tillett Nathan J. SGTWWIIDec 10, 1944ArmyDOWLIMALorraine American Cemetery & Memorial, Lorraine, FranceCentral
693Timmerman Henry L. PFCWWIIJun 06, 1944 LIMACentral
694Titus Charles B.WWISep 30, 1918KIALIMA
695Tompkins LayfayetteCivilNov 18, 1863KIA
696Towns Robert Eugene AM,3cWWIISep 12, 1945DNBLIMA
697Trempert AdolphosCivilAug 11, 1864KIA
698Triplehorn Gerald W. LTWWIINov 18, 1944Army Air CorpsKIABlufftonManila American CemeteryBluffton
699Truesdale John M.CivilJan 15, 1863 
700Truesdale GlennWWISep 30, 1918KIADelphos
701Truesdale Larry Lee SpecVietnamSep 18, 1965ArmyKIALIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of LimaLima Senior
702Tucker Greenbury. CPLCivilJan 01, 1864Knoxville National
703Turnbull William W. PFCWWIIDec 17, 1944ArmyKIALIMACentral
704Ullery DavidCivilMay 18, 1864DOD
705Velasquez Adolfo F. PVTWWIIMar 14 , 1945ArmyKIA
706Vandemark AureliusWWIOct 12, 1918DODLIMA
707VanMeter Larry Eugene, PFCVietnamOct 07, 1968ArmyColumbus GroveRockport Cem, Rockport,OHColumbus Grove
708Vaughns Oliver L. CPLWWIIDec 05, 1944ArmyDNBLIMA
709Veasey Edward J. Jr.WWIJul 15, 1918ArmyKIAAisne-Marne American Cemetery & Memorial,Belleau, Dept de l'Aisne, Picardie,France
710Verbryke LawrenceCivilMay 24, 1862DOD
711Vertner PerryCivilSep 19, 1863KIA
712Vogelgesang Joseph Jr.WWIIDec 07, 1941NavyKIALIMAWoodlawn Cemetery South High School
713Vorntram / Voutran JohnCivilMar 21, 1864DOD
714WaddellArthur E. PFCWWIIOct 21, 1945DNBLIMA
715Wagner Arnold JohnWWIIJan 12, 1945NavyMIA
716Wagner Lloyd E. SSGTWWIIJan 03, 1943Army Air CorpsFODLIMA
717Wallace Edward L.Korean  
718WallaceRobert B. PFCWWIIMar 15, 1945ArmyKIALIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of Lima
719Walterick Claude WWIOct 31, 1918DODDelphos
720Walters WesleyCivilOct 29, 1862DOD
721Walti RudolphCivilJul 16, 1864KIA
722Waltz William PFCWWIIJul 30, 1944ArmyKIALIMANormandy American Cemetery and Memorial Central
723Watkins Glenn MillsWWIAug 21, 1918KIA
724Watkins John J. PVTCivilApr 08, 1864DODKnoxville National
725Watson Charles J.WWIApr 06, 1917DNALIMA
726Wauben Frederick W. M SGTPeaceMay 30, 1956ArmyDNBLIMAFt Sam Houston Cemetery, San Antonio, TXSouth High School
727Weber Peter PVTWWIIAug 29, 1944ArmyKIALIMASt Johns
728Wehinger Donald AugustusKoreanFeb 28,1951DNBGethsemani Cemetery Lima, OHLCC
729WellerDonald LTWWIIJun 07, 1943DNBLIMACentral
730Wells Francis D. PVTWWIMar 24, 1918ArmyDODAda
731Wenzinger John CPLWWISep 07, 1918ArmyKIABluffton
732West Richard LTWWIIFeb, 1944
733Westbay IsaiahCivilMar 07, 1864DOD
734Wheeler Lloyd A. PVTWWISep 27, 1918ArmyKIALimaAmerican Cemetery, Romagne, France
735Wheeler Robert J. CAPTWWIIMay 15, 1944ArmyDNBLIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of LimaCentral
736Whetstone Gerald W. PFCWWIINov 20, 1944ArmyKIALIMAFt Amanda National Cemetery, Auglaize CountyBluffton
737Whetstone ThomasCivilFeb 05, 1863DOD
738Wichard Garrat H.CivilNov 22, 1862 
739WilburKenneth O. 2cWWIIJan, 1945NavyMIALIMA
740WilkinsOra M First LTWWIIApr 16, 1943Army Air CorpsMIAHarrodFisher Cemetery, Jackson TwpHarrod
741Wilkins Orville H. LTWWIIApr 15, 1944Army Air CorpsDNBHarrodPhiladelphia National CemeteryHarrod
742Wilkinson WilliamCivilFeb 04, 1862 
743Williams Gerald E PVTKoreanAug 12, 1950ArmyDOWSummit CoClinton Cemetery, Clinton, Oh
744WilliamsLeo D. PVTWWIOct 13. 1918ArmyDOWLIMAMeuse-Argonne
745WilliamsRaymond A. PFCWWIIJul 31, 1943KIASugar Ridge cemetery
746Williams Warren PVTWWIINov 20, 1943 LIMA
747Williamson Jack K. PFCWWIIJan 04, 1945ArmyKIALIMALuxembourg Memorial Cemetery
748Wills RobertCivilJun 19, 1864DOW
749Wilson Allen Raymond SSGTWWIIJan 31, 1945ArmyKIABenton Ridge Cemetery Hancock Co.
750Wilson Michael Donvian PFCVietnamSep 03, 1968Marine CorpsKIALIMAJeffries Cemetery, WV
751Wilson Don W. PVTWWISep 30, 1918Army MIALima
752Winans George W.CivilSep 10, 1864 
753Winebrenner Earl W.WWIIFeb 08, 1945ArmyKIADunkirk Cemetery
754WinegardnerWilliam C., PFCWWIIAug 22, 1944Army Air CorpsFODLIMA
Allentown Cemetery
Shawnee class of 1943
755Wingate LemuelCivilFeb 10, 1863 
756WingetRay E. S 2-cWWIIJan 16, 1944LIMA
757Wise Larry EugeneKoreanNov 27, 1955NavyDNBLIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of Lima
758Wohlgamuth Louis N. Jr SGTWWIIJun 13, 1945ArmyKIALIMASt Matthews, Lima
759WolfeJerry D. ENSKoreanFeb 07, 1952NavyKIALIMALost at seaSouth High School
760Wolfe Robert Owen CPLKoreanDec 02, 1950ArmyPOWLIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of Lima
761Wollet DavidCivilOct 17, 1862 
762Workman Joseph L. SGTWWIIAug 15,1943ArmyDNBSpencerville
763WreedeEugene H. SSGTWWIIJan 17, 1945ArmyKIADelphosWalnut Grove – Delphos
764Wreede Francis PFCWWIIAug 28, 1943 Delphos
765Wreede Paul Richard PVTWWIIFeb 17, 1944Marine Corps DelphosWalnut Grove – Delphos
766Yant Ottie C. PVTWWIIJan 30, 1945ArmyFODLIMA
767Yarger Claude O. SGTWWIINov 21, 1944ArmyDOWBeaverdamWoodland Cemetery
768Yates Thomas J.CivilOct 09, 1863DOW
769Yates William J.CivilApr 10, 1863 
770Younger William R. PFCKoreanJan 26, 1951ArmyKIALIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of Lima
771Youngpeter Robert Lee PFCKorean Nov 1, 1952 St John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery Landeck
772Zeller AsaCivilDec 29, 1863KIA
773Zetlizer ThorWWIDec 02, 1917DOD
774ZimmermanSonnyAfghanistanJuly 16, 2013ArmyKIA recoilless rifleLimaWalnut Hill Cemetery New Hampshire
775Zipp CS2George FrederickWWIIJul 11, 1943NavyKIA/MIA lost at seaLimaPacific Ocean
776Zipp James F. seamanWWIIAug, 1943NavyMIALIMA