Carl D Nesbitt : World War II May 29, 1944

Carl D Nesbitt was born on February 02, 1921. According to our records Ohio was Nesbitt's home or enlistment state. Furthermore, we have Lima listed as the city and Allen County included within the archival record.

SERVICE: Enlisted in the Army Air Forces. Served during World War II. Nesbitt had the rank of First Lieutenant. Occupation or specialty was Pilot. Service number was 690966. Served with 569th Bomber Squadron, 390th Bomber Group, Heavy.

CIRCUMSTANCES: Nesbitt experienced a serious casualty which ultimately resulted in loss of life on May 29, 1944. Circumstances of the casualty were attributed to: "Missing in action".

AWARDS: Listed are some of the awards and medals that First Lieutenant Nesbitt either received or may have been qualified for. This is probably not a complete accounting. There may be other awards received we do not have records of.
American Campaign Medal World War II Victory Medal Purple Heart

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Carl Nesbitt was graduated from Central High school in 1939. He had finished his junior year at Miami unversity, Oxford, Ohio when he enlisted. He was employed at the Kolter-Buckeye Dairy Co before he was appointed an aviation cadet. He trained at San Antonio, Texas, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Coffeyville, Kansas and received his wings in August 1943.