Our Artwork ...We get a lot of compliments about the high quality of our art work and printed materials.

Must be expensive right? Well it's not,  because ... all of our artwork for our web site and printed material is provided to us free of charge. While some of our art is created by other staff, all of the high quality art is created by our volunteer Art Director in Greenville,  S.C.  His expertise in graphic design has been used by such companies as Michelin Tire Co., B.F. Goodrich, B.S.N.F. Rail Way, Mack Truck and many others to promote their products.

4x6 For Web 400X299Printing cost have been kept low by seeking the most cost effective solution to meet our needs. For example, we purchased 5 thousand 4 x 6 glossy cards with our Logo, Mission and information about our approach to memorial design. We took advantage of a promotion and got this done for only $15.73 or only .003 cents each.

Our board member Jim Whited, is the owner of Whited Printing Co. He provides us with invaluable expertise and volunteer labor in his print shop to print, bind, cut, fold, perforate and and other services. All of this allows us to have very high quality materials printed at a cost that does not reflect it's high quality. Since Jim is a member of the Board of Directors, we do not hire him for any printing services to avoid or appear to have any conflict of interest or impropriety.

Among the companies that we hire for print services Jim does not do for us are Fast SignsQuick as A WinkNews Gazette, and IGT America printing companies all in Lima, Ohio