landscapedesignThe Allen County Veterans Memorial Foundation has signed a contract with LSG Landscape Architecture of Tysons, Virginia ( ) to design the Allen County War Memorial based on design criteria we provided to them. The lead architect on this project, Mr. David Norden, received his Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from Virginia Tech. His Masters Thesis topic was "War Memorial Design"

LSG Landscape Architecture is a world renowned company whose projects include the new Mississippi State Veterans Memorial Cemetery.…/Mississippi-State-Veterans-Memorial-Cem…

We hope to have the initial design phase completed next spring.


About LSG Landscape Architecture And Why We Hired Them to Design the Allen County War Memorial.

The Right Choice:

We believe their design philosophy, experience, especially in "place making" and Memorial Design, capabilities of their designers, standing/reputation among their peers and the world at large as well as past and current projects in several venues and fields of expertise make them uniquely qualified to "Make A Place and a Memorial" for the type of memorial we want to build.

We have been communicating with a member of this firm for the past 5 years who has provided us with substantial help in planning and organizing this project with no expectancy that they would be hired to do the design work. The individual that provided this help is a Godly Christian man whose main purpose in helping us was simply to see the project successful. His insights have been invaluable. We were first drawn to him via a search where we found his Masters Thesis. A couple excerpts from it are included below.



"Many war memorials today face loss of relevant meaning to the members of their community over time, an inability to adapt to evolving historical perspectives, and a lack of ability to engage visitors in a deep and authentic way of creating meaning and understanding. New war memorials should provide opportunities for visitors to engage with them in an active, conscious, and dynamic relationship with the built site. Encouraging such a connection facilitates deep and authentic meaning making that continues beyond the site visit, and that allows the memorial’s form to evolve over time in response to visitor interaction. The constructivist model for war memorial design incorporates ten strategies, and the Active Physical Interaction strategy in particular, that allow designers to create places that encourage visitors to have personalized interaction. These strategies are built on the constructivist philosophy that explains how individuals and groups of people understand the non-objective world through experience."


Introduction to David Nordens Masters Thesis position.

Modern war memorials are markers of memory and history within our cultural landscape. They are a type of place that embrace meanings in their design to remind and foster understanding among members of a community that they represent. My position in this document is that war memorial designers should implement constructivist-based design strategies, and specifically elements supporting ‘active physical interaction.’ These strategies will be used to create places that facilitate visitors taking an active and personal role in their making of meaning. This facilitation is through a dynamic relationship unique between each user and the site but also within a range of expected messages provided by the designer and the clients he represents. Elements in a design characteristic of active physical interaction are based largely in constructivist philosophy and its application in educational pedagogy. Constructivist epistemology explains how people create knowledge and meaning in their world. The purpose of the construtivist connection is a direct one. If this theory of knowing the ‘world’ and creating knowledge is accepted, and it is accepted that memorials are intentional and important features of human identity, then the constructivist pedagogy can be applied in significant ways by a memorial designer to better facilitate the connection of meanings with the visitor.

David Todd Nordon  "A Constructivist Model for Public War Memorial Design that Facilitates Dynamic Meaning Making"


LSG Landscape Architecture Philosophy

Above all, landscape architecture is a social construct. Whether the aesthetic vision is shaped by the dictates of urbanity or driven by a more pastoral imperative, the result should be informed and elevated by something larger. Our expertise includes master planning, site design, environmental assessments, and landscape architecture. Our portfolio includes projects throughout the Eastern Seaboard, China, and India. LSG Landscape Architecture believes in place making that is smart, sustainable, creative, and transformational. Our design approach embraces the notion that we can say something new while maintaining a dialogue with the past. Whether we are seeking to enliven, guide, heal, educate, or inspire, our goal is to create an engaging sense of place in which to live, work and play.  ( Taken From LSGINC.COM - Philosophy )


Project Example:

Mississippi State Veterans Memorial Cemetery

Newton, Mississippi Taken from  LSGINC.COM

As part of an architect-led team, LSG provided cemetery master planning and design services for this new project, which is situated on a 76-acre site donated to the State Veteran’s Board by Mississippi State University.mississippi vet cemlayout

LSG sited traditional veterans cemetery elements including an avenue of flags, an assembly area, burial areas, a committal service shelter, carillon tower, memorial walk, administration mississippi vet cem1building, landscape plantings, maintenance building, roadways, and parking. The project’s recently opened first phase comprises 22 acres of the southern portion of the site with direct access to US Route 80, and includes all operational buildings and one committal service shelter.

The completed grounds will support 3,300 interment spaces, which will provide adequate burial space for the region for at least 10 years. The plan is the first of its type in Mississippi and is funded through the Department


Landscape Architecture, Land Planning, Urban Design


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 The portfolio of LSG Landscape Architecture reflects a multitude of settings that enhance and celebrate connections between people, their communities and the natural environment. This design philosophy has guided LSG's award-winning practice since its founding in 1985. Projects designed by LSG's staff of 17 professionals reflect an insightful approach that optimizes land use while achieving results that serve the interests of our clients and a broader constituency of users, visitors and stakeholders.


Memorial Spaces and Cemeteries

 LSG's vision for memorial spaces and cemeteries is to provide designs that are meaningful to visitors, relevant to the community, cost-efficient in development, and sustainable for long-term success.

 Our portfolio of memorial and recognition landscapes includes the Brookside Gardens Reflection Terrace in Wheaton, MD which remembers the 2002 sniper attack victims, the Airline Pilots Association Memorial in Herndon, VA dedicated to the memory of 9/11victims, and The Red Cross Chairman's Council Plaza in Washington, DC which recognizes major contributors who support the organization's humanitarian mission and efforts.


Allen County War Memorial

 LSG recently began design services for the Allen County Veterans Memorial Foundation to create a new commemorative landscape called Allen County War Memorial in Lima, Ohio.

Veterans Cemeteries are national shrines which honor and provide final resting place for our military veterans. LSG was selected to assist the Department of Veterans Affairs by providing A/E Services at 21 National Cemeteries nationwide under a task order contract. This followed the firm's prior projects at Quantico and Culpeper National Cemeteries, as well as public cemetery work. LSG has provided cemetery planning and design expertise at the state level including Mississippi Veterans Memorial at Newton and North Mississippi Veterans Memorial at Kilmichael, the Eastern Shore Veterans (Maryland), and the local level at the Sampson Veterans Memorial Cemetery (New York).

Key LSG staff hold a combined 50 years of experience with memorial and cemetery planning, design, and construction administration. They have served as prime consultants on over 45 diverse projects in the last 15 years, including creation of new public and private memorials, cemetery gravesite expansions, design of cemetery memorial walks, cremains scattering gardens, other interment areas, planning for cemetery flag and assembly grounds, avenue of flags, maintenance yard and bulk material storage, historical assessments and applications to multiple State Historic Preservation Offices.

LSG Landscape Architecture appreciates the unique design challenges and opportunities with each remembrance and commemoration landscape we undertake.

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