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715  Reasons To build the Allen County War Memorial.         Submit a Name

715 Reasons to build the Allen County War Memorial: Up-Dated October 10, 2017
This is, our latest list of War Casualties from Allen County Ohio from all wars. Names we included in the list are those who had either enlisted or resided in Allen County at anytime prior to their death. We are sure the list is missing some names based upon that criteria. We are continually searching records and contacting families.


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No.Last NameFirst NameWarDate of LossBranchCause Of DeathFromCemeteryHigh School
1AckermanPhillipWWIIOct 25, 1944NavyDestroyer SunkLost at sea
2AdamsWilliamCivilNov 16, 1864Union Army 
3AdgateGouveer H.CivilOct 03, 1862Union ArmyKIA
4AdkinsRobertWWIINov 16, 1943 LIMAWoodlawn
5AlexanderTurner AberdeenWWIFeb 10, 1919ArmyDODLIMA
6AlguireClinton L.WWIIJun 03, 1943DNBWoodlawn
7AllemeireHilary 1LTKoreanMar 23, 1953ArmyKIADelphosSAINT JOHNS CATHOLIC CEMETERY, DELPHOS, OH
8AllenJames Q. PVTCivilJan 10, 1865DOWStones River National Cemetery
9AllenSamuel L.CivilJun 19, 1863KIA
10AmstutzJames H.WWIIFeb 09, 1945KIABlufftonEmmanuel Cemetery Bluffton
12AndersonEugeneWWIIMar 18, 1942Army Air CorpsDNBKewanee High SchoolPleasant View Cemetery Kewanee, IL
13AndersonJohnCivilNov 12, 1863KIAWoodland Union Van Wert
14AngevineRichard M.WWIIMar 9, 1944DNB POW
15ApostolHarry A.WWIOct 23, 1918DOWLIMA
16ArmentroutDale M.WWISep 28, 1918KIALIMA
17ArmitageHiram F.CivilAug 18, 1864Union Army 
18ArmorJohn W.CivilOct 04, 1862Union ArmyKIA
19ArmstrongMartinCivilApr 06, 1862Union ArmyKIA
20ArmstrongMichael D.VietnamSep 22, 1968Marine CorpsKIA
21Arnold Carl LloydWWIIJul 07, 1945Navy Lost at sea
22ArtisJoseph WilliamWWII  
23AugustJohnCivilFeb 22, 1864Union ArmyDOW
24AustinHenry J.WWII  
25AyersCloren D.WWII1944Army Air CorpsDOWCarmen Cemetery Gomer
26BagleyOliverWWII DNB
27BaileyDavid M.CivilAug 09, 1864KIA
28BaileyFrankWWIOct 16, 1918ArmyKIABeaverdam
29BaileyGeorgeCivilMay 08, 1863Union Army 
30BakerCharles O.WWIJan 26, 1918DODLIMA
32BaldwinLouis W.WWII  
33BallGilbert H.WWII KIA
34BallPFC John WalterKoreanNov 30, 1950MIA
35BarrJames A.CivilAug 06, 1864KIA
36BarrJesse L.WWIOct 13, 1918DODLIMA
37BartholdRandolph C.WWIIApr 26, 1943KIAWestminster, Westminster, Ohio
38BasingerRichard LouisVietnamMay 12, 1967Marine CorpsKIALima
39BaxterHiramCivilSep 19, 1864 
40BaxterSamuelCivilSep 19, 1864KIA
42BeattyEugeneWWIOct 16, 1918DOWLaFayette
43BeckerWayne E.WWII DNB
44BeemerJohnCivilJan 04, 1863DOW
45BeilerWilliam B.CivilJun 27, 1864KIA
46BelchJosiah A.CivilFeb 06, 1865 
47BenderChristianCivilAug 30, 1864POW
48BennettJacobCivilFeb 06, 1865 
49BensonCharles H.WWII Air ForceDNBShawnee TWP
50BiceHamiline A.CivilJul 18, 1863DOD
51BiceJacobCivilAug 04, 1862 
52BickelJohnWWINov 26, 1918DOD
53BiddingerEdward G.CivilApr 01, 1864 
54BidwellIsaacCivilJan 22, 1863Union ArmyDODWest minster? Allen CountyLexington National
55BillingsCharles FranklinWWIOct 8, 1918DOD
56BinkleyRichard H.CivilMay 18, 1864 
57BixelFred R.WWIApr 27, 1918DODBluffton
58BlackJesse Roswell Sgt. WWIIKIA
59BlacksteinJames R.WWII DNB
60BlackstenWilliam G.WWIDec 02, 1918KIALIMA
61BlundenJack VernonWWII NavyKIALaFayetteLaFayetteAllen East
62BodellDoitWWIOct 10, 1918DODHarrod
64BohnleinThomas C.WWIIMay 29, 1943KIADelphosSt. John's Catholic, Delphos
65BorgerCharles D.WWIIDec 28, 1945Army Air CorpsKIA Enemy AircraftWestminsterSalem, Westminster
66BotkinsRay E.WWII DNB
67BowermanSamuelWWIIApe 06, 1945Navy 
68BowersElmerWWISep 28, 1918KIABeaverdam
69BowersockRobert M.WWII1945KIASpencerville
70BowersockSteven EdwardVietnamMay 10, 1972ArmyKIA Helicopter CrashLIMAMemorial Park St Rt 309 Lima
71BowsherGene E.WWIIMay 13, 1945ArmyKIAShawnee TWP
72BowsherStanley BKoreanAug 18, 1950KIA
73BowyerMoses M.CivilMar 8, 1864DOD
74BoydFrederick L.CivilNov. 7, 1862Union Army
75BoydFrederick S.CivilNov 27, 1862 
76BracyWilbur J.WWINov 25, 1918DODBluffton
77BrackerDavid E.VietnamAug 19, 1966KIA
78BranstitterCharles M.CivilMar 05, 1865 
79BredaPeterWWII FOD
80BreeseGriffithCivilOct 28, 1862 
81BreeseSamuel R.CivilSep 15, 1862DOW
82BrennanRalph T.WWII KIA
83BrennemanRichard L.WWII DNB
84BrennemanRobert J.KoreanJan 18, 1954ArmyDOWLIMA
85Brochas/BrouchisJohnCivilDec 31, 1862Union Army KIAAllen CountyStones River National, Stones River TN
86BrockRichard S.WWIIMar 10, 1943ArmyDNB Harrod
87BrodbeckRobert H.WWII KIA
89BrolierWilliamCivilSep 02, 1865DOD
90BrownJoseph W.CivilNov 26, 1863DOD
91BrownWalter L.WWII KIA
92BuckmasterCarl E. CPLWWIIMar 26, 1945ArmyKIAShawnee TWP
93BryanRichard Curtis ARM-3WWIIJun 18, 1945NavyKIALIMAHonolulu Memorial Lost at Sea
94BryantRonaldWWII KIA
95BumgardnerAbrahamCivilAug 25, 1862 
96Burden MilesWWIOct 04, 1918KIALIMA
97Burget Bartholomew F.CivilApr 23, 1865 
98Burgoon JackKorean  
99Burkholder George E.WWII KIA
100Burkholder Harry B.WWII DNB
101Burkholder Jason E.AfghanistanFeb 08, 2009DOW
102Busick Paul L.Korean  
103Bucher Amos WWIFeb 10, 1919ArmyDNBBluffton
104Butcher Lowell L.WWIJul 23, 1918ArmyKIALIMA
105Buti CharlesWWISep 29, 1918KIALIMA
106Callahan Thomas O.WWIJun 14, 1918NavyKIALost at sea
107Cameron James E.WWIIOct 3, 1944ArmyKIAManila American Cemetery
108Campbell James TheodoreWWII  
109Campbell Ronald G.KoreanJul 21, 1951 
110Campbell SamuelCivilMar 11, 1865DOD
111Campbell William G.CivilMar 15, 1863DOD
112Carey AndersonCivilOct 28, 1862 
113Carolus JacobCivilMay 31, 1864Union ArmyDOWChattanooga Natl
114CarolusCharlesWWIIJun 20, 1945Army Air CorpsKIS DNBLimaShawnee Cemetery
115CarseNathan B.AfghanistanFeb 08, 2011ArmyKIAHarrodAllen East
116Cattell Marlin L.Korean MIA
117Chambers John F.CivilNov 29, 1864 
118Champion EliCivilSep 12, 1863 
119Chipman Albert D.CivilJul 18, 1864DOD
120Christ GaryWWIMar 22, 1918KIAHarrod
121Clapper Ira RayWWIOct 13, 1918DODLIMA
122Clark BurdetteWWII  
123Clark Raymond V.WWII KIA
124Clawson HiramCivilMar 11, 1864DOW
125Clawson Norman Jr.WWII  
126Clayton JohnWWI  
127Clippinger Samuel D.CivilAug 07, 1864KIA
128Close JosephCivilJun 12, 1862DOD
129Cochran George W.CivilOct 13, 1864POW
130Coddington Robert E.WWII KIA
131Coffey Robert G.WWII DNB
132Collier Clarence F.WWIJul 27, 1918KIALIMA
133Conaway Arthur B.WWII DNB
134Conrad Chester D.WWIIMay 7, 1945ArmyDNBLIMAMemorial Park Cemetery of LimaSouth High School
135Conway SamuelCivilMay 26, 1864 
136Cook James S.CivilDec 16, 186481St Ohio Vol. Inf.DODOhioCave Hill Natl. Louisville, KU
137Coon Willliam R.WWII DNB
138Cordell Arthur P.CivilJul 06, 1864 
139Corrello Chester L.KoreanJul 17, 1951 
140Cotrell John F.WWII KIA
141Coulter Clyde E.WWINov 05, 1918KIALIMA
142Coulter George E.WWII KIA
143Counselor Benjamin F.CivilDec 01, 1864 
144Counts Charles M.Korean  
145Cowdon IsaacCivilDec 29, 1863KIA
146Crawfis Donald E.WWII DNB
147Cremean James D.CivilJul 13, 1864DOW
148Criblez Robert M.WWII DNB
149Crider Harvey A.WWII DNB
150Crossley Thomas D.CivilMay 09, 1864KIA
151Culver WilliamCivilJul 6, 1863 
152Curl Harold D.WWII KIA
153Custer Donald L.WWII DOW
154Dahill Douglas E.VietnamApr 17, 1969KIA MIALimaArlington NationalLima Senior
155Dalton John A. Jr.WWII KIA
156Daniels GeorgeCivilMay 07, 1862 
157Darling John A.CivilJun 09, 1864 
158Darling Thomas M.CivilJul 14, 1862DOW
159Davidson George W.CivilDec 01, 1864POW
160Davidson Kenneth Jr.WWII  
161Davis Corporal Abner R.WWIDec 11, 1918DODGomer Pike Run Cemetery Gomer
162Davis James D.WWIIAug 09, 1944KIALIMASt. Rose
163Davis JuliusWWIJan 30, 1918DOD LIMA
164Davis William H.CivilFeb 16, 1864 
165Dear Wilber WrightWWII  
166Dehart William P.CivilDec 16, 1864 
167Demetriov TreantafilosWWIOct 09, 1918 DODLIMA
168Dennis GeneKorean  
169Depiazza PetroWWI  
170Depler AlbertWWI  
171Dersham WilliamCivilMar 19, 1865 
172Desenbery Doanld A.WWII  
173Dewine Robert BruceVietnamMay 14, 1971 
174DimondJoseph G.WWIAug 29, 1919DOW – Chemical
175Ditto David M.WWII DNB
176Dodds Roy F.WWII 
177Downs FloydCivilJan 14, 1863Union ArmyDOW recvd @ Corinth, MSJefferson Barracks National Cemetery
178Dudgeon Calvin M.WWII DNB
179DuncanWarren W. SGTWWIIMay 19, 1944Army Air CorpsMIA
180Dunlap Preston J.CivilAug 12, 1864 
181Eaken Fred (Eaken Fred D.)WWIMay 19, 1919DODLIMA
182Early Richard E.WWIIMay 14, 1945KIALaFayetteLewis Grove Cemetery Bath TWPAllen East
183Eastman DanielCivilNov 13, 1863POW
184Edgecomb Lewis A.CivilJul 21, 1864KIA
185Edmonds PeterCivilFeb 13, 1865 
186Eichenlaub RayWWII  
187Emig Charles E.WWII KIA
188EutslerJohn W.VietnamJan 31, 1969ArmyK. I. A.Spencer vile, OH
189Fair Thos.CivilMay 27, 1864DOD
190Falter ClementWWII  
191Faulkner Silas W.CivilJun 22, 1863KIA
192Faze Gerald N.WWII KIA
193Fenner John E. Jr.WWIMay 23, 1917DODLIMA
194Fett Merrill M.WWII1944ArmyDNBJackson Township
195Finlay LeonardKoreanAug 13, 1950 
196Finn John B.KoreanJul 10, 1952 
197Fiscarrelli SabastianoWWIOct 18, 1918DODLIMA
198Fisher Claude M.WWII MIA
199Fisher JohnKorean  
200Fisher John TheodoreKoreanJul 25, 1950 
201Fisher JonathanMexicanAug 01, 1848 
202Fisher Robert J.Korean7/24/?  
203Fitzgerald Bernard F.WWII DOW
204Flanagan Jr. EugeneKorean  
205Flanigan Harold F.WWII DNB
206Fletcher Robert A.WWII DOW
207Fogle Robert MiltonCivilSep 4, 1864KIA
208Ford William G.WWII KIA
209Forgeson John T.CivilJan 01, 1864 
210Foster Donald S. SSGTKoreanDec 05, 1950Marine CorpsMIA Body RecoveredLIMAFort Rosecrans National Cemetery
211Foust Howard E.WWII DNB
212Foust Kenneth E.VietnamSEP 05, 1969 
213Fowler Richard R.WWII KIA
214Fraley Albert O.WWII DNB
215Francis William R.WWIOct 19, 1918DOD
216Franklin Nathaniel G.CivilMay 14, 1862 
217Frazier Daniel W.CivilAug 26, 1864POW
218Fredrick JohnCivilMay 10, 1865 
219French Walter R.WWII  
220Fridley LesterKorean  
221Fries Val A.WWII  
222Frisca Gilbert P.WWII  
223Fryar Park H.CivilJul 03, 1864DOW
224Frysinger MarvinKorean  
225Fullingham AlexanderCivilFeb 12, 1862DOD
226Fulmer AbrahamCivilOct 03, 1862KIA
227Gaberdiel Harold R. CPLKoreanJun 29, 1952ArmyKIASpencervilleSpencerville Cemetery
228Gallagher James C.WWIIJan 03, 1944Army Air CorpsDNBLIMAGethsemani Cemetery Lima, OHSt. Gerard
229Gallagher William PaulWWIJun 24, 1918ArmyKIALIMASt Rose
230Gallospie Wilson B.WWII DNB
231Galloway WilliamWWII Marine Corps Shawnee TWP
232Gannon George H.WWII KIA
233Garrett LeviCivilJul 28, 1864KIA
234Garrison Daniel L. SKSNVietnamDec 26, 1966NavyDNBLima, OH Gethsemani Cemetery Lima, OhioLima Senior
235Garrison Howard B.WWII  
236Gary Kenneth R.WWII DNB
237Gaskill JacobCivilMar 20, 1864 
238Gates Orrin F.CivilMay 03, 1863 
239Gatton Albert G.CivilJan 13, 1863DOD
240Gaugh Donald E.WWII KIA
241Geiger Donald E.WWII  
242GeiseWillis J.WWISep 30, 1918KIALIMA
243George Nicholas Jr.KoreanOct 10, 1952 
244George NickWWII  
245Gerod Louis H.CivilMay 11, 1864DOD
246Gilmore William R.WWIIJun 6, 1944KIALIMANormandy American Cemetery and Memorial St. Rose
247Golden Arthur L.Korean  
248Goodwin Ira C.WWIJul 29, 1918KIA
249Goonon JamesWWIDec 17, 1917NavyDNBLIMALost at sea
250Gordon Harry M.WWIJul 10, 1918DODLIMA
251Gossard David E.VietnamSep 20, 1967KIALIMA
252Gottfried John Pvt.Spanish'Sep 28, 1898ArmyDODLIMA
253GracelyLarry AllenVietnamJun 3, 1969NavyCollision At Sea – MIALIMALost at sea
254Graesele Carl (Graessle Carl B.)WWINov 15, 1918DOW
255Gratz Homer Jr.WWII  
256Gray John M.WWIOct 17, 1918DODHarrod
257Gray RoscoeWWIJul 31, 1918KIA
258Gremm James S.WWII DNB
259Gruber Kenneth DoleWWII  
260Gutherie Thomas F.WWII DNB
261Guthrie William A.WWIFeb 25, 1919DODLIMA
262Hager Robert D. Jr.WWII DNB
263Haines Robert H.WWII DNB
264Hale John Jr.VietnamApr 13, 1969ArmyKIALaFayetteAllen East
265Hale RussellWWII KIA
266Haley Paul E.WWII KIA
267Hall JethroCivilAug 29, 1864DOW
268Hall Phillip R.WWII KIA
269Hall Robert E.WWII DNB
270Halleran William (Halloran William)WWIFeb 8, 1919DODLIMA
271Hamilton RobertCivilMay 23, 1864DOD
272Hanes Clarence E.KoreanJul 30, 1952 
273Hanson Lewis A.CivilFeb 01, 1863 
274Hardesty Harvey R.WWII Feb 27, 1945KIALIMAZachary Taylor National Cemetery
275Harrington HomerWWIOct 27, 1917KIA
276Harrod Franklin D.WWII KIA
277HarrodRichardWWIIDec 24, 1944Army Air CorpsKIAHarrod
278Harter Francis M.CivilSep 3, 1863DOD
279Harter JosephCivilApr 18, 1865 
280Hartshorn ElmerCivilJul 12, 1864 
281Hastings R.W.WWII  
282Hay Richard S.WWII KIA
283Hayes George W.WWII DNB
284Hazzard Louis T.VietnamJan 09, 1968Marine CorpsKIA Explosive DeviceLimaMemorial Park St Rt 309
285Hefner EdwardWWIOct 10, 1918DODBethlehem, Jackson TWP,
286HefnerKlor Lt.WWII1944KIABethlehem, Jackson TWP, Marker Only
287Hemme George H.WWINov 01, 1918KIADelphos
288Henderson Samuel B.CivilNov 08, 1861
289Henkle Errol L.WWIOct 15, 1918ArmyDOWHarrod
290Hill William A.CivilJan 10, 1863 
291Hipsher SamuelCivilDec 25, 1861DOD
292Hire Bryan J.WWIApr 27, 1918DODLIMA
293HireslandHerbert E.WWIOct 18, 1918DODLIMA
294Hite AbrahamCivilFeb 07, 1865 
295Hittle Roger E.Korean MIA
296Hoerth Edward A.WWII FOD
297Hofman WalterWWII  
298Hollaway T.A.MexicanJan 20, 1847ArmyKIA
299Holtsclaw Harold J.WWII FOD
300Hooker Charles H.KoreanSep 20, 1950 
301Hooker John R.Korean  
302Hooper IsaacCivilJan 17, 1864 
303HouserEarl A.WWIIMar 18, 1942Army Air CorpsDNB Pesotum, IL
304HouxLester, Lance CPLVietnamSep 10, 1967Marine CorpsKIALIMAPreston Cemetery Alger, Ohio
305Howard Myron E.WWII KIA
306Hoy Raymond R.WWII KIA
307Hoyt James DonaldWWII  
308Huber Bernard W.WWII DOW
309Hughes David M.CivilMay 24, 1864DOW
310Hughes Evan M.CivilApr 23, 1864DOD
311Hulinger JeremiahCivilSep 25, 1861 
312Hunt Arthur H. Jr.WWII DNB
313Hut Fremont G.WWI  
314Iames Kenneth M.WWII KIA
315Imler AmosCivilJun 12, 1865Union ArmyDODCypress Hills National Cemetery Brooklin, NY
316Imler WilliamCivilMar 23, 1865Union ArmyDODNew Bern National Cemetery North Carolina
317Ireland Thomas C.WWII DNB
318Irick John FurgisonCivilDec 31, 1863Union Army DOD
319Irvin JohnCivilJun 09, 1861 
320Irvin Glenn (Irvin Glenn Willard)WWIOct 11, 1918KIALIMA
321Jackson Paul W.WWII 
322Jakutis JosephWWIAug 21, 1918DNBLIMA
323Jennings Charles E.WWIIMar 06, 1944Air ForceKIAShawnee TWP
324John JehuCivilJun 09, 1864
325John Don H.WWIOct 05, 1918DODLIMA
326Johnson JohnCivilOct 03, 1862
327Jones Edwin E.WWIOct 11, 1918DODLIMA
328Jones Evan H. Jr.WWII 
329Jones John W.CivilJun 01, 1864
330Jones Kenneth W.WWII 
331Jones Lewis T.Korean 
332Jones Rowland W.Civil'Sep 9, 1864
333Jones William G.CivilMar 05, 1864
334Judkins Benj'm F.CivilDec 01, 1864
335Judkins Franklin D.CivilDec 02, 1864
336Kassa Charles FrankWWII  
337Kaufman Frank E.Korean  
338Kees William H.WWIMar 04, 1920DOD
339Keiffer Robert JohnWWII  
340Keith Charles ChesterWWINov 11, 1918DOWElida
341Keith Richard H.CivilApr 07, 1865 
342Keller JohnWWII KIA
343KennedyArmelWWIIMar 18, 1942DNBCarnegie Cemetery Carnegie Oklahoma
344Kennedy James W.WWII KIA
345Kennedy John F.VietnamJun 16, 1968KIALIMA
346Kennell William H.CivilMay 19, 1864KIA
347Kerr Paul M.WWIIJul 26, 1944Army Air Corps KIAWestminster SalemHarrod
348Kersetter C.R. (Kerstetter Charles)WWIOct 30, 1918KIA
349Kesler JosiahCivilJan 26, 1865 
350Kidd Anthony WaynePersianMar 01, 1991KIARockport Methodist Cemetery in Rockport, Ohio
351Kidd John W.CivilSep 02, 1864DOW
352Kimbel Robert J.WWII  
353King Robert L. SP4VietnamJun 25, 1969ArmyKIADelphosDelphos
354Kinkley Joe J.WWII KIA
355Kinsall AdamCivilAug 10, 1864 
356Kious GeorgeWWIIMay 8, 1945ArmyKIALIMA
357Kiser George S.WWINov 24, 1918DODLIMA
358Kizer Carl S.VietnamJun 19, 1968ArmyKIA Friendly FireGomer, Oh / Scranton, PaBeverly Natl. PA
359Kizer Robert E.WWII KIA
360Klay Robert E.WWII DNB
361Klett Ray R.WWII DOW
362Kloeppel Paul E.WWII KIA
363Kmpe EdwardWWII DNB
364Knettle WilliamCivilMay 14, 1864KIA
365Knipe EdwardWWII  
366Kolter Mark H.WWII FOD
367Kraft ClintonWWII  
368Kramer Bernard M.WWII KIA
369La Fortune Donald U.WWII DOW
370Laman Harold DewittWWIIDec 4, 1943NavyKIALIMALost at sea
371Lamb Eli H.WWII KIA
372Lambert Clifford N.WWIApr 03, 1918DODLIMA
373Lammers William Joseph SP4VietnamJun 05, 1971Army SpencervilleSpencerville Cemetery Spencerville
374Latty Thomas E.WWI  
375Laudick Harold D.WWII  
376Lauf Willaim F.WWII  
377Lawson Lewis E.WWIIMar 26, 1944KIALIMASt. Johns
378Leatherman Ober N.WWII KIA
379Leonard Robert L.WWII KIA
380Leonard Robert L.WWII KIA
381Leppla John ArthurWWIIOCT 26, 1942NavyKIALIMAArlington National Sec MD Site 41
382Leslie JamesCivilNov 02, 1864DOD
383LeisPeter H.WWINov 05,1918DOWSpencerville
384Lewis James W.CivilMay 28, 1864DOW
385Lilley JosephCivilJun 04, 1865 
386Linninger David CivilDec 22, 1863DOD
387Lippincott Paul S.WWIJul 16, 1918KIALIMA
388Lohr George E.WWII DOW
389Long CharlesMexicanJan 19, 1846
390Long RobertWWII  
391Long Rolland L.WWII KIA
392Longwell Robert G.WWIIDec 24, 1944KIA
393Love Emmet C. Jr.WWII KIA
394Luchine Albert J.WWII DNB
395Lutterbeck Myron J.WWII KIALIMA
396MacDonnell Duncan R.WWIOct 16, 1918DOD
397Mahoney Timothy J.WWIJun 25, 1918DNBLIMA
398Malton GeorgeKorean  
399Mamaugh James M.Korean  
400Mambourg RaymondWWII  
401Manship Harold W.WWISep 26, 1918KIA
402Martin Ray B.WWII DNB
403Martin Willard L.WWIOct 11, 1918DOD
404Martz Silas H.CivilDec 13, 1864DOD
405Mason LeonardWWII  
406Masterpole JosephWWINov 03, 1918KIALIMA
407Matthews Burt or BurlWWINov 26, 1918DOD
408Maus Doanld NeumanWWII DNB
409Max CharlesWWI  
410McBride BenjaminCivilJul 02, 1863DOD
411McBride Jack E.WWII MIA
412McBride Paul A.WWII DNB
413McCarty Francis E.WWII KIA
414McCaslin Keith V.KoreanMay 23, 1951ArmyKIAShawnee TWPShawnee
415McCluer Robert W.CivilNov 01, 1863 
416McCrateThomas A.WWIIJun 25, 1943ArmyKIALima St Rose Class 1931North African American Cemetery, TunisiaSt. Rose
417McDonael Nile R.WWII KIA
418McElroay Neil A.WWII  
419McGue Harvey L.WWII DOW
420McKee IsaacCivilFeb 06, 1865DOD
421McPherson Robert A.WWII  
422McPherson SamuelCivilApr 20, 1862DOD
423McWhorter J. W.Korean  
424McWilliams GeraldKorean  
425MeanyJohn J.WWIIMar 20, 1943
426Melton George C.Korean  
427Merschman John W.VietnamMay 10, 1970 
428Metzger William E.WWII  
429Meyers Carl E.WWII KIA
430MIller Albert F.WWII DNB
431Miller AndrewCivilMar 06, 1863DOD
432Miller BernardWWII  
433Miller Charles W.CivilJul 29, 1864 
434Miller Doit A.WWII DNB
435Miller Donald E.WWIAug 05, 1919DODLIMA
436Miller Elmer M.WWII KIA
437Miller Frieling H.CivilMay 14, 1864KIA
438Miller Gail G.WWII FOD
439MillerJacob JrWWINov 26, 1918DODLIMA
440Miller JosiahCivilOct 15, 1864DOW
441Miller Wayne F.WWII KIA
442Millerons Sherman LeroyWWII  LIMA
443Mock Doanld E.WWII FOD
444Mollenhour JohnCivilJun 24, 1862DOD
445MonaghanThomas J.KoreanJun 28, 1952Marine Corps 
446Monroe Warren E.WWII  
447Montague Richard J.WWII KIA
448Monts WesleyWWII  
449Mooney John R.Korean  
450Moore Cloyce WendellWWI  
451Moore John R.CivilAug 01, 1861DOD
452Moorman Fred F.WWIJul 15, 1918KIALIMA
453Moorman ThomasCivilAug 08, 1863DOD
454Moorman William A.J.CivilApr 18, 1863DOD
455Morey WilliamCivilJun 8, 1864DOW
456Morgan David B.CivilMay 23, 1865DOW
457Morris A. ThomasKorean  
458Morrisey Richard W.Korean  
459Morton Worrick W.CivilMar 17, 1864DOD
460MoxCharlieWWIOct 09, 1918KIALIMA
461MuellerStephen Michael PFCVietnamJan 27, 1968KIAMemorial Park Cemetery- Lima, OhioLCC
462MullenHenry B.WWIJun 28, 1919DOW – ChemicalLIMASt. Rose
463Munch PhilipCivilAug 21, 1864KIA
464Myers JoshuaCivilApr 16, 1863 
465Myers RandolphCivilFeb 07, 1865 
466Myers Samuel W.CivilSep 12, 1864 
467Myers William T.CivilFeb 04, 1864 
468Naus Doanld N.WWII DNB
469Naus Ralph R.WWINov 07, 1918DODLIMA
470Nave Joseph D.WWII  
471Neal John L.CivilMay 09, 1864POW
472Neely GeorgeCivilMar 04, 1865ArmyKIA
473Neff Christian Monroe, SPCIraqSep 09, 2007ArmyDOWFt. Shawnee
474Nehiser AmosCivilNov 19, 1862DOD
475Nesbitt Carl D.WWII FOD
476Newland Michael D.VietnamApr 09, 1968 
477Nichols Glenn H.WWISep 21, 1918KIA
478Nicoline John W.WWII DNB
479Nock Harry A.WWII FOD
480Nolte George J.WWIAug 08, 1918KIA
481Numbers Ernest L.WWII  
482Nunn PriceCivilMay 25, 1863DOD
483Nusbaum WillisWWINov 10, 1918KIABluffton
484O'Neal JohnCivilAug 20, 1863DOD
485Osborn Jerry W.VietnamApr 01, 1965 
486Osborn John S.WWIOct 09, 1918DODLIMA
487Ott FidillisCivilMar 02, 1863DOD
488Owen Paris V.CivilMay 24, 1864DOD
489Owens David R.CivilOct 03, 1863 
490Owens Otto C.WWII  
491Owens Thomas R.CivilDec 18, 1864DOWDelphos
492Paglow Marvin L.WWII DOW
493Parker JeremiahCivilMay 10, 1864 
494Parrott Elmer J. (Parrot Elmer H.WWIJul 29, 1918KIASpencerville
495Parrish WilliamCivilMar 09, 1863DOD
496Parry Moses J.CivilJun 09, 1864DOW
497Patrick MarinerVietnamNov 12, 1965 
498Patterson Wallace Jr.Korean  
499Patton Raymond V.WWIJul 29, 1918KIADelphos
500Peltier John ArthurWWII  
501Pence Charles G.KoreanFeb 13, 1951 
502Phalen James R.WWIINov 02, 1943Marine CorpsKIALIMASt. Johns
503Pintor Dennis L. CaptIraqOct 12, 2004ArmyKIALIMALCC
504Plate George H.WWII  
505Plate Herbert J.WWII  
506Pohlman Donald J.Korean  
507Poiling David E.KoreanJul 25, 1950 
508Point David O.WWIOct 21, 1918DODLIMA
509Porter Frank J.WWII KIA
510Powers Donald RichardWWII  
511Pummel Benny L.KoreanMay 20, 1951 
512Purnell Gerald O.Korean  
513Rabley Lloyd S.WWII DOW
514Radabaugh WilliamCivilJun 05, 1864POWElida
515Rader Benjamin N.Korean  
516Rahig Melvin H.WWII KIA
517Rankins WilliamCivilOct 03, 1862DOD
518Rayburn Donald E.WWII KIA
519Reed Otto or Ottis E.WWINov 11, 1918DOD
520Reed Walter F.WWINov 04, 1918KIALIMA
521Reese AaronIraqDec 10, 2003KIA
522Reese Humphrey TudorWWIOct 03, 1918DODLIMA
523Reese Richard T.Korean  
524Rentz EdwardWWINov 02, 1918DODLIMA
525Reynolds HarryWWI  
526Reynolds Pritchard G.WWIJul 15, 1918KIALIMA
527Rhodes Cecil A.WWII KIA
528Price GeraldWWIIMay 4, 1945NavyKIAElidaLost at sea
529Rice Loren H.WWIIApr 05, 1945 ArmyKIADelphosWalnut Grove – Delphos
530Ricker HarryKorean  
531Ridenour - Cpl. IsaacCivilJan 16, 1865 Lutheran, Elida- Defunct
532Ridenour JacobCivilFeb 05, 1865 
533Ridgeway Kenneth R.WWII  
534Robey Richard N.VietnamJul 04, 1967 
535Rockhill Alfred L.CivilNov 20, 1863 
536Roessler David S.Korean  
537Roth Robert ArthurWWII  
538Rousculp WinfieldKorean  
539Ruebush CLydeWWII  
540Rumbaugh BartonCivilNov 17, 1864 
541Rupert GeorgeCivilMar 16, 1865 
542Rusnock Lessie R.Korean  
543Russell William J. Jr.VietnamNov 21, 1968 
544Rutledge George H.WWIJul 30, 1918KIALIMA
545Sakemiller Andrew R.CivilJul 24, 1864DOW
546Sanders Alfred F.WWII DNB
547SaundersEdwards H.WWIIMar 18, 1942Army Air CorpsDNBLake Village, AR
548Schaaf Howard A.Korean  
549Schegel Edward L.Korean  
550Schimmoeller M.E.WWII KIA
551Schlege Edward L.WWII  
552Schlegel Edward LeoNon War OpsMay 04, 1954NavyPlane CrashLost at sea
553Schmersal Leo C.WWINov 01, 1918KIALIMASt. Rose
554Schmidt JacobWWI  
555SchmiesingClifford J.WWIIJan 23, 1944LIMASt. Rose
556Schoolcraft Jon MichaelIraqJan 18, 2008DOW
557Schoonover Edward J.WWIOct 10, 1918DODLIMA
558Schramm Alfred J.WWIFeb 17, 1919DODLIMA
559Schrock James W.WWIIApr 12, 1944DNBLIMASt. Gerard
560Schulte RalphWWII FOD
561Scott James S.WWIIApr 12, 1944KIALIMA
562Scuschultz Frederick J.Korean  
563SettlemireAlonzoWWIINavyLost at sea S. PacificShawnee TWP
564Shafer James DudleyVietnamNov 06, 1967 
565Shanahan Pvt. Alfred R.WWIIJan 29, 1944Army KIALIMASt. Gerard
566Shaner Willaim M.WWII  
567Shaner William H.WWII KIA
568Shanks Joseph F.CivilMay 14, 1864KIA
569Shaw Clyde DonaldWWIIDec 07 1941NavyKIA USS ArizonaShawnee TWP
570Shaw Jackson M. C.CivilFeb 25, 1864 
571Shaw Jeffery M.VietnamOct 24, 1970 Shawnee TWP
572Shaw Leroy MiltonWWII  
573Shearer JohnCivilMay 14, 1864KIA
574Sheeter William A.WWISep 18, 1918KIA
575Shellenbarger WilliamCivilMar 15, 1863DOD
576Shepard Richard M.WWII DNB
577Sherman Wm.CivilDec 20, 1861DOD
578Sherry James E. Jr PVTCivilAug 05 ,1862KIACorinth National Cemetery
579Sheuman JacobCivilDec 18, 1863DOD
580Shingledecker Armon D.VietnamMay 31, 1966 
581Shively SamuelCivilFeb 28, 1863DOD measlesVicksburg National CemeteryLCC
582Shock Samuel G.CivilMar 12, 1863DOD
583Shockey Abraham B.CivilApr 09, 1864 
584Shoemaker Chester G.WWII DNB
585ShoemakerRaymond A. SGTVietnamNOV 06, 1969KIA
586Shope Nile J.WWII KIA
587Shrider Charles W.KoreanMar 05, 1951 
588Shrider WilliamCivilMay 01, 1862 
589Seibold PearlWWISep 20, 1918KIALIMA
590Sims RobertWWII  
591Sites Richard P.Non War OpsApr 26, 1952NavyLost at SeaLIMA
592Skinner Col. Owen GeorgeVietnamDec 12, 1970Air ForceMIASt Rose
593Smith Edwin C.WWIFeb 09, 1919DODDelphos
594Smith George H.WWII DNB
595Smith James K.CivilJun 18, 1864DOW
596Smith William R.WWII KIA
597Snider JosiahCivilNov 19, 1862 
598Snyder WilliamCivilJun 21, 1862DOD
599Sonntag Charles H.WWIOct 09, 1918KIALIMA
600Sowers GeorgeCivilApr 09, 1863 
601Spangler LeviCivilNov 07, 1861DOD
602Spriggs Isaac B.Civil'Sep 09, 1864DOW
603StemenHalleck M.WWISep 30, 1918KIAElida
604Stanford John F.CivilMar 19, 1865 
605Starner WilliamCivilSep 23, 1864 
606Staup Richard P.WWII DNB
607Stemen Daniel F.CivilFeb 15, 1863DOD
608Stemen John B.CivilJan 10, 1865 
609Stevenson Jesse L.CivilFeb 20, 1863 
610StocklinCharles E.KoreanJul 12, 1951 
611StocklinCurtis R.VietnamJan 10, 1969 
612StocktonThomas M.CivilOct 01, 1862DOW
613StoverDaniel L.WWIApr 24, 1918DODLIMA
614StrattonClifford AndrewWWII  
615StrauchE.R.WWIJul 7, 1918DODBluffton
617StuckeyHarveyCivilAug 01, 1864 
618SunderlandHenryCivilJul 4, 1864 
619SwackWalter E.WWISep 30, 1918KIALIMA
620SwainSampsonCivilAug 03, 1864ArmyDODMarietta National Cemetery Cobb Cnty, Marrieta, GA
621Swink Ferrell R.WWIOct 05, 1918DOD
622Swisher Stephen A.CivilFeb 06, 1865 
623TablerJohn W.CivilMay 25, 1862 Shiloh National Military Park Tennesee
624Tabler John GaleWWIOct 14, 1918DODLIMAWestminster Cemetery
625Tackett WilburKorean  
626TaylorCapt. Edmund Battelle, Jr VietnamMay 08, 1972NavyDNB AccidentLIMALost at sea – Tonkin Gulf
627TaylorGeorge A.CivilMay 16, 1864 
628TaylorLeonard E.KoreanAug 31, 1950 
629Teegardin AbrahamCivilMay 14, 1864KIA
630Teegner EdwardCivilFeb 05, 1863 
631Thomas Donald E.WWII  
632Thomas Harry W.WWII KIA
633ThomasJerry LynnVietnamJun 07, 1971ArmyKIA rifle fireLima, Oh / LaFayette, OhMemorial Park, Lima, OhAllen East
634ThomasMorris R.Korean  
635Thompson GeorgeWWIMar 03, 1920DODLIMA
636Thompson Jim A.VietnamMay 09, 1969DOW
637Thompson Richard CWWII KIA
638Tillett Nathan J.WWII DOW
639Timmerman Henry L.WWII  
640Titus Charles B.WWISep 30, 1918KIALIMA
641Tompkins LayfayetteCivilNov 18, 1863KIA
642Towns Robert EugeneWWII  
643Trempert AdolphosCivilAug 11, 1864KIA
644Triplehorn Gerald W.WWII KIA
645Truesdale John M.CivilJan 15, 1863 
646Truesdale GlennWWISep 30, 1918KIADelphos
647Truesdale Larry L.VietnamSep 18, 1965
648Tucker Greenbury.CivilJan 01, 1864
649Turnbull William W.WWII KIA
650Turner Aberdeen A.WWI  
651Ullery DavidCivilMay 18, 1864DOD
652Valasquez Adalfo F.WWII KIA
653Vandemark AureliusWWIOct 12, 1918DODLIMA
654VanMeter Larry Eugene, PFCVietnamOct 7, 1968ArmyColumbus GroveRockport Cem, Rockport,OHColumbus Grove
655Vaughans Oliver L.WWII DNB
656Veasey Edward J. Jr.WWIJul 15, 1918KIA
657Verbryke LawrenceCivilMay 24, 1862DOD
658Vertner PerryCivilSep 19, 1863KIA
659Vogelsang Joseph Jr.WWII  
660Vorntram / Voutran JohnCivilMar 21, 1864DOD
661Wagner Arnold JohnWWII  
662Wagner FloydWWII KIA
663Wagner Lawrence CyrilWWII  
664Wallace Edward L.Korean  
665Wallace Robert B.WWII  
666Walterick Claude (WalterickWWIOct 31, 1918DODDelphos
667Walters WesleyCivilOct 29, 1862DOD
668Walti RudolphCivilJul 16, 1864KIA
669Waltz William B.WWII KIA
670Watkins Glenn MillsWWIAug 21, 1918KIA
671Watkins John J.CivilApr 08, 1864 
672Watson Charles J.WWIApr 06, 1917DNALIMA
673Wauben Frederick W.Korean  
674Weber PeterWWII KIA
675Wehinger DonaldKorean  LCC
676Weller DonaldWWII  
677Wells Francis D.WWIMar 24, 1918DODAda
678Wenzinger JohnWWISep 7, 1918KIA
679Westbay IsaiahCivilMar 07, 1864DOD
680Wheeler Lloyd A. Pvt.WWISep 27, 1918ArmyKIALimaAmerican Cemetery, Romagne, France
681Wheeler Robert J.WWII DNB
682Whetstone Gerald W.WWII KIA
683Whetstone ThomasCivilFeb 05, 1863DOD
684Wichard Garrat H.CivilNov 22, 1862 
685WilkinsOraWWIIApr 15, 1944Army Air CorpsKIAHarrod
686Wilkins Orville H.WWIIApr 16,1944ArmyDNBHarrod
687Wilkinson WilliamCivilFeb 04, 1862 
688Williams GeraldKorean  
689Williams WarrenWWII  
690Williamson Jack K.WWII KIA
691Wills RobertCivilJun 19, 1864DOW
692Wilson Allen R.WWII KIA
693Wilson Michael D.VietnamSep 3, 1968 
694Wilson Don W. PvtWWISep 30, 1918Army MIALima
695Winans George W.CivilSep 10, 1864 
696Winebrenner Earl W.WWII KIA
697WinegardnerWilliam C.WWII Air ForceFOD
698Wingate LemuelCivilFeb 10, 1863 
699Wise Larry E.Korean  
700Wohlgmuth Louis N.WWII KIA
701Wolfe Robert O.KoreanDec 02, 1950 
702Wollet DavidCivilOct 17, 1862 
703Workman Joseph L.WWII DNB
704Wreede FrancisWWII  
705Wreede Paul RichardWWII  
706Yant Ottie C.WWII FOD
707Yarger Claude O.WWII DOW
708Yates Thomas J.CivilOct 09, 1863DOW
709Yates William J.CivilApr 10, 1863 
710Younger William R.KoreanJan 26, 1951 
711Youngpeter Robert L.Korean  
712Zeller AsaCivilDec 29, 1863KIA
713Zetlizer ThorWWIDec 02, 1917DOD
714ZimmermanSonnyAfghanistanJuly 16, 2013ArmyKIA recoilless rifleLimaWalnut Hill Cemetery New Hampshire
715Zipp CS2George FrederickWWIIJul 11, 1943NavyKIA/MIA lost at seaLimaPacific Ocean






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