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Carl zpsad4565a0On June 19th we posted a remembrance of Capt. Carl Kizer. At the time we could not make sense of the connection to Allen County as his official home of record is listed as Scranton, PA.

We have seen a copy of his birth certificate at the Allen County Health Department and found out he was born in SugarCreek Township near Gomer, Ohio.  Both of his parents have passed.

This is a link to the post we made on the 9th of June.

Right after posting the remembrance, one of our board members found some contact information for Capt. Kizer's brother. We have been messaging via email back and forth and we now have another excellent photo of our friend and brother Captain Carl S. Kizer.. We will be creating a facebook memorial page for him later this week. ( Page Created - )

Finding photos and information about those we want to honor is a painstaking task that takes a lot of time. If any of you want to help. Email us at our main address . We really need help with this.

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