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Armitage Hiram F. Civil Aug 18, 1864
Bailey David M. Civil Aug 09, 1864
Barr James A. Civil Aug 6, 1864
Bender Christian Civil Aug 30, 1864
Bice Jacob Civil Aug 04, 1862
Bowsher Stanley B Korean Aug 18, 1950
Bracker David E. Vietnam Aug 19, 1966
Bumgardner Abraham Civil Aug 25, 1862
Clippinger Samuel D. Civil Aug 07, 1864
Davis James D. WWII Aug 09, 1944
Dimond Joseph G. WWI Aug 29", "1919
Dunlap Preston J. Civil Aug 12, 1864
Finlay Leonard Korean Aug 13, 1950
Fisher Jonathan Mexican Aug 01, 1848
Frazier Daniel W. Civil Aug 26, 1864
Hall Jethro Civil Aug 29, 1864
Jakutis Joseph WWI Aug 21, 1918
Kinsall Adam Civil Aug 10, 1864
Miller Donald E. WWI Aug 05, 1919
Moore John R. Civil Aug 01, 1861
Moorman Thomas Civil Aug 08, 1863
Munch Philip Civil Aug 21, 1864
Nolte George J. WWI Aug 08, 1918
O'Neal John Civil Aug 20, 1863
Sherry James E. Jr PVT Civil Aug 5, 1862
Stuckey Harvey Civil Aug 01, 1864
Swain Sampson Civil Aug 03, 1864
Taylor Leonard E. Korean Aug 31, 1950
Trempert Adolphos Civil Aug 11, 1864
Watkins Glenn Mills WWI Aug 21, 1918
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Veterans Information Form

As promised, we have placed on our web site a form for public access that you can use to submit information about a veteran who died in service. You can use the form to provide more information about someone in our database or submit a veteran we do not have listed. The form is available at this link.

Veterans Information Form


Our Mission:

The Mission of the Allen County Veterans Memorial Foundation is to perpetuate the memory of those members of the U.S. Armed Forces from Allen County who have given their lives for our country by constructing the:


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