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THE ALLEN COUNTY WAR MEMORIAL GOLF TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION IS UNDERWAY. The Allen County Veterans Memorial Foundation is now accepting online registrations for our 2014 Spring Golf Tournament. The date of the tournament is May 31. That is the Saturday "AFTER" Memorial Day at Tamarac Golf Course, Lima, Ohio.

We will have registration forms available at area golf courses next week. You can register by phone, 419.236.1413, FAX, toll free at 888.684.6927, email:

or Register OnLine Here

Our Mission:

The Mission of the Allen County Veterans Memorial Foundation is to perpetuate the memory of those members of the U.S. Armed Forces from Allen County who have given their lives for our country by constructing the:


-April War Casulties-


Armstrong, Martin Civil War
Apr 6, 1862
Fred R. Bixel WWI
Apr 27, 1918
Bartholomew F. Burget  Civil War
Apr 23, 1865

Dahill, Douglass E. Vietnam

April 17, 1969
John Jr. Hale Vietnam
Apr 13, 1969
Joseph Harter Civil War
Apr 18, 1865
Bryan J. Hire WWI
Apr 27, 1918
Evan M.Hughes Civil War
Apr 23, 1864
Richard H.    Keith Civil War
Apr 7, 1865
Samuel McPherson Civil War
Apr 20, 1862
William A.J. Moorman    Civil War
Apr 18, 1863
Joshua Myers Civil War
Apr 16, 1863
Michael D. Newland Vietnam
Apr 9, 1968
Jerry W. Osborn Vietnam
Apr 1, 1965
Abraham B. Shockey Civil War
Apr 9, 1864
George Sowers Civil War
Apr 9, 1963
Daniel L. Stover WWI    
Apr 24, 1918
John J. Watkins Civil War
Apr 8, 1864
Charles J. Watson WWI
Apr 6, 1917
William J. Yates Civil War
Apr 10, 1863

Department Of Veterans Affairs News Feed

  • The GI Bill website is getting a major makeover as well as a new web address. Click on the link for more information.
  • Veterans should be aware of a marketing scam targeting callers trying to reach the GI Bill Call Center and VA National Call Center.

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